Hi there lovely reader!

Welcome to My slow world and that’s why it’s time to introduce myself! My name is Alexandra, a girl who loves to dream & explore, but also loves to slow down.

There is so much beauty in this world, that we want to see it all, and we want to have it all.

Truth is, we cannot have it all and we need to appreciate the little things.

If we appreciate the little things, life will become larger and more meaningful. Although the two being seemingly contradictory, the appreciation of little things and feeling the world fully are actually complementary.

Many people are at the point where I was a several years ago. I was in a constant rush all the time. I was doing 1001 things, which led me to doing nothing with fulfilment. I was stressed, tired and unsatisfied. And that was exactly the moment where I knew: I have to change my mindset. I can’t have everything and I can’t have everything now.

Fast fashion has become a perfect example for our western society. It’s almost part of our identity. But why? Why needs everything to go fast, faster, fastest?

Through my blogs I will explore the wonderful world of slow fashion and sustainable living. Will you join me in my journey?

I hope we can slow down this world together.

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With love,


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