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Thoughts upon satisfaction

When was the last time you were bored? I haven’t been bored for quite a while now. And as much as I am enjoying this rush and this great time where I’m able to do a lot of different things all the time, it also makes me a little worried. I have written about this …


Reflecting on 2018

I’m writing this post on the very last day of 2018. It feels strange that within a few hours, we’re enjoying 2019. Time went so fast. I will turn 25 in 2019. I will finish my study. I will hopefully start to work. But before I will start dreaming about the future, I want to …


Slow living December challenge

December: the month of celebration and happiness, the month of finishing the year and starting new habits. New habits such as eating healthy, living more slowly and shopping more consciously. But how can we do this in January if we are doing the exact opposite during December? If we are rushing, over consuming and eating …