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Slow fashion summer: recap

It’s over. The slow fashion summer has come to an end. My experiences? I’ll tell you! Slow fashion summer: what have I learnt? Three months ago, on the 21th of July, I committed to take part in the slow fashion summer. We agreed on not buying anything new for three full months. Thrifting, swapping and …


Thrifting for beginners

Second hand shopping: some guidelines You’ve decided to go on a thrifting tour. Everything is settled: you got the addresses of the local thrift stores saved on your phone, you’ve brought your own bag and a you’re in a great mood. But then, you enter the first store, it smells a little strange and there …


Green favourites: Groningen

Let’s go to Groningen Vandaag zijn we in Groningen! Of nou ja… vandaag? Ik ben eigenlijk altijd in Groningen; geboren en getogen, weggeweest en teruggekomen. Ik vind de stad heerlijk. Er is altijd iets te doen, altijd iets te zien en zeker altijd iets te eten. Maar waar moet je dan precies zijn? FOOD & …