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Get to know ‘Brave Soles’

Brave Soles is definitely a feel good story. Everything within this brand says “honesty” and “love”. This blog post is based on an interview with the founder. It’s very heartwarming, though emotional. So take your time for it, but I’m sure you’ll love it. Let me introduce you to Brave Soles.


Sustainable summer outfits

Because of the Fashion Revolution Week I’ll guide you through the world of fair fashion and online activism. It’s time to speak up and wear beautiful clothes that represent beauty in every aspect, also the story behind. These temperatures ask for summer tops and flowy shorts. This Fashion Revolution Week asks for fairly produced clothes. …


Sustainable sunglasses

Summer is almost there and I’ve been in the need of sunglasses for quite a few times already. I need them to cover my eyes, because when it’s that light outside I get a little bit of a headache. I feel like granny writing this, but it’s just so important to protect your eyes from …