I truly believe we can only change the fashion industry by working together. Therefore, I’ve teamed up with the following brands and online retailers with long term partnerships.

My partners

The Lingerist provides a stage to independent and innovative lingerie brands that care about sustainable and ethical practices.

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Organic Basics is a Danish loungewear, underwear and sportswear brand, which puts sustainable thinking at the center of everything.


Näz is a Portuguese slow fashion brand embracing a comfortable, minimal, yet colourful style. Everything is ethically made in small factories in Portugal.

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GLDN is an American jewellery company, making everything themselves with the utmost care for the environment and its creatures.

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Everlane is an US brand that creates ethical wardrobe stables for fair prices.

Everlane.com Low Cost. High Quality. Classic wardrobe essentials for less!


How does a partnership work?

These partnerships are based on a certain relationship. To begin with, I want to stress, that on my blog I only promote ethical and sustainable lifestyle choices. Thus, the brands I work with share the same ethical and sustainable values. In this partnership they have provided me a link to their website, which you can use to shop. So, if you decide you need something and would like to support me, you can shop with that link.

Then what happens next, is that the link will bring you to the website of my partner, setting up some cookies, that will help them to know where the source came from. If you buy something, they know you found the website via my blog. As a result, a tiny percentage of the sale will go to me, as a thank you for my work. Don’t worry, you don’t have to pay more, neither do the garment workers or other people in the supply chain earn less. Instead, this tiny amount of money is already included in the whole marketing budget of the brand.

Lastly, I promise the money I earn with these partnerships is very little and I won’t spend it on stupid things. For me it’s just a way to see if people are interested in the work I do. In addition, it’s used as investment money to make my blog and work even better. If you have any questions left, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. 😊

Thank you for being around!

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