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I decided to pick up my newsletter again and here’s why you should join!

These times are grey, windy and dark. The crisis makes us feel low, hopeless, and stressed more than we felt before. We seek for connection, yet, seeing others is one of the things we are expected not to do so. Personally, I felt very down and low-energy these last weeks. And as the days get shorter and shorter, I understand there are much more people feeling the way I do.

So I decided to get back to the newsletter again. Once a week I’ll share podcast, movie or reading recommendations. I’ll share tips on how to feel better – something my friends always ask my advise for 🙂 Besides that, I’ll share newly discovered slow fashion brands. I’m also working on a slow fall playlist on Spotify. This all, will contribute to a better, more connected and warmer season.

Outside can it be cold, but let our hearts be open and warm.

I want to make you feel great. Will you give me a chance?

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