We will only be able to make a change by working together. Therefore I want to help you. My heart gets excited by seeing possibilities to grow small, local and sustainable brands. When we talk about sustainable growth, honesty and uniqueness, my creativity increases directly. As a small business, it can be hard to reach all customers you want. As a result of that, I offer several services to help you out.

Therefore, if are a business or an entrepreneur and you would like to collaborate, then this business page is for you!

Services offered:

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Alexandra speaking on SAVEAS fashion show about slow fashion and her business.

As a public speaker, I did multiple talks for the University of Groningen, SIMPL, and SAVEAS. I am an expert in subjects as sustainability, ethical fashion and slow living.

Project staff
Do you want to organise an event or do you want to successfully finish a project? I organised several events in different project teams, for businesses such as the Sustainable Moments festival and the Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week.

Besides that, I give workshops on sustainable fashion and slow living. However the subject of the workshop can slightly differ according to your wishes.

Sponsored blog post or social media post
I’ve worked together with several sustainable and ethical businesses, either small and big. Check out my partnerships page to see my recent collaborations. If you’re a sustainable and ethical brand, we could collaborate on a blog post or on social media. If you wish to see my media kit, please fill in the form below.

Business request form

Thank you so much for reaching out to me. I’m excited to make this a success.


* As a side note, I only collaborate with companies doing good, to guarantee honesty and ethics on this blog. So, if you can’t tell me anything on your ethical or sustainable practices, we are not a good match.

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