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10 realistic tips to live more sustainably

80% of the Dutch people said that they would love to live more sustainably, but don’t know how to do so. That’s a very big part of our small country, and I can imagine those numbers are not only relevant…


Sustainable turtle necks

Maybe you’re lucky and you haven’t noticed it yet, but here in the northern part of Europe we definitely know: winter’s there. It’s time to cosy up and cover ourselves in clothes. However, you don’t want to look like a…


Reflecting on 2018

I’m writing this post on the very last day of 2018. It feels strange that within a few hours, we’re enjoying 2019. Time went so fast. I will turn 25 in 2019. I will finish my study. I will hopefully…


Shopping at Everlane

I totally love Everlane. Why? Because the pieces are stylish, of good quality and totally affordable. Recently I received three items from Everlane: a jeans, a sweater and a bodysuit. You can find some of my favourite Everlane items listed…


Slow living December challenge

December: the month of celebration and happiness, the month of finishing the year and starting new habits. New habits such as eating healthy, living more slowly and shopping more consciously. But how can we do this in January if we…


Second hand online shopping

Shopping preloved clothes Online shopping: I have to admit that I’m a pro. I can spend hours online to have a look on the best deals. 90% of this time is on websites, such as United Wardrobe or Kleiderkreisel. where…


6 ethical and sustainable online shops

Sustainable fashion online: where to find it? You want to build an ethical wardrobe, but you don’t know where to shop. No worries, I’ve got a list with all my favourite ethical webshops, for women and men. I’ll also share…


My 5 autumn wardrobe favourites

Autumn is in the air! I love the beautiful colours that our Mother Nature gives us. Besides that, I also love the colder weather and being able to wear layer on layer on layer. Cozy sweaters, here I come! Dress…


Ethical coats for men and women

Winter is coming. What does that mean? It’s time to dress up for the cold! Still missing the perfect warm coat? I’ve got your back. In this article you can find 5 ethical brands that make timeless coats that you…


Let’s shout it out

Respect means the world to me. I will always fight against disrespectful and contemptuous behaviour. In situations where this happens, I always tell myself: “I’m not letting myself be treated this was”. And I think it’s good to speak up…


The slow process of fixing wardrobe mistakes

Ever looked at your wardrobe and thought: “what the hell was I thinking?” I had this, and actually I still have this. I’ll share you my experiences on aspiring a perfect (and sustainable) wardrobe. It’s okay to take it slow…


Duurzame mode, waarom is het belangrijk?

Duurzame mode, slow fashion, fair fashion, sustainable fashion, gerecyclede kleding. De termen vliegen je om de oren. Maar wat is het nou allemaal? En waarom is het ineens zo razend populair? Fast Fashion vs Slow Fashion Laten we beginnen met…


Why being angry is not a solution

Maybe you know this feeling… You’re a hard working, motivated and optimistic person. You put a lot of energy in what you do and you feel pretty passionate about the things you do too. But then, there is someone who…


Slow fashion summer: recap

It’s over. The slow fashion summer has come to an end. My experiences? I’ll tell you! Slow fashion summer: what have I learnt? Three months ago, on the 21th of July, I committed to take part in the slow fashion…


Balancing in a fast moving world

After listening to several podcasts, I wanted to write a little more about my burn out, because I have the feeling there is still an information gap for young people like me. How to balance in times of turbulence  When…


Thrifting for beginners

Second hand shopping: some guidelines You’ve decided to go on a thrifting tour. Everything is settled: you got the addresses of the local thrift stores saved on your phone, you’ve brought your own bag and a you’re in a great…


20-something and building a wardrobe

Building a wardrobe, how? So, you’re young, wild and free. You’re in your early twenties, still studying or at least still not having a proper job with a stable salary. You like to do things, a lot of things. You…


Green favourites: Groningen

Let’s go to Groningen Vandaag zijn we in Groningen! Of nou ja… vandaag? Ik ben eigenlijk altijd in Groningen; geboren en getogen, weggeweest en teruggekomen. Ik vind de stad heerlijk. Er is altijd iets te doen, altijd iets te zien…


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