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6 sustainable wedding shoes for a day of love

As you may or may not know, I am getting married this summer of 2024 and I am super excited for it! I will sew my own dress and accessories, but I cannot make my own shoes. So therefore, I’ve analysed my favourite slow and sustainable shoe brands and what they have to offer in terms of wedding shoes. And of course, I don’t want to keep all the information to myself. So here are my 6 favourite sustainable wedding shoes for an unforgettable day full of love and empty of blisters and ethical concessions. 😉


Nomasei is a brand born from a profound commitment to meaningful change. The founders of Nomasei departed from their secure careers in major luxury houses and embraced the risk to offer a responsible and sustainable alternative. Transparent in their values, objectives, and commitments, Nomasei is guided by four pillars: responsible luxury product, transparency, reinventing the company, and prioritising people.

These unique and sustainable sandals are ideal for ceremonies and special occasions, such as your wedding day. They feature a stable 6 cm heel, that is easy to walk, dance and jump all day in. They are made from embossed calf leather sourced from France, Italy, and Holland, and tanned in Italy and handcrafted in Montopoli, Italy. Each pair embodies the finest Italian craftsmanship and style.

305 €

Shop Nomasei’s Venus shoes here.


Miista is all about challenging fashion norms. They believe luxury means more than aesthetics – it’s about mending, investing time, and using the highest quality, EU-sourced materials. Over the last decade, they’ve built a brand committed to the alternative, embracing craftsmanship, community, and humor.

Let me introduce you to Yara: she’s both underestimated and a statement. Inspired by 70s, this classic shoe features cracked vanilla leather and a unique split upper. The 6cm heel and 1cm platform ensure all-day comfort. Are you ready to dance all day? Because in this shoe you will enjoy your wedding day comfortably.

305 €

Shop Miista’s Yara shoes here.

ATP Atelier

ATP Atelier, founded by Maj-La and Jonas, celebrayted their 10th anniversary in 2021. Sustainability has been their driving force from day one. They aim to challenge the concept of luxury, making it smart and purposeful. All the shoes are unique, yet timeless, and therefore perfect for you wedding day.

Well, did I hear you say “wedding in Italy”? Let me introduce you to Amalfi, a modern reinterpretation of the classic strappy heel. Crafted from luxurious soft nappa leather, Amalfi embraces sophistication and cool elegance, effortlessly elevating any outfit. With silver-toned hardware and a comfortable 9.5cm heel height, these sustainable sandals will never go out of style.

390 €

Shop ATP Atelier’s Amalfi sandals here.

Idee Fixe

Idee Fixe is a slow fashion shoe brand that embraces a minimalist aesthetic rooted in simple, subtle, and unobtrusive beauty. Founded by three girls from Tbilisi, Georgia, their vision revolves around creating shoes they would personally wear. Inspired by the Japanese concept of shibui, their designs embody implicitness, simplicity, and everydayness.

These shoes promise just that. Embracing both style and comfort these ballet flats come with a modest 1.5 cm heel height. And trust me, they will go with any outfit, including your wedding day and the many, many ‘normal’ days thereafter.

230 €

Shop Idee Fixe’s Margot flats here.


Based in Berlin and founded in 2015, Aeyde is a footwear and accessories brand driven by the vision to democratize modern design and enduring quality. Drawing from German modernity, Aeyde blends classic shapes with contemporary flair, bridging past and present, masculine and feminine. I own a pair of boots and a pair of sandals from Aeyde and they are definitely staple pieces in my wardrobe.

The Natania sandal is a sophisticated strappy sandal, featuring a block heel that ties around the ankle, a softly rounded toe and many, many straps. These sustainable shoes will last you a long time: they are unique, elegant, great for your wedding day, but also for the many summer days thereafter. Made in Italy, each pair reflects fine Italian craftsmanship and attention to detail.

325 €

Shop Aeyde’s Natania sandals here.


Auprès advocates for a slower, more responsible fashion ethos, supporting local industries and preserving handcrafting traditions. With a focus on sustainability and traditional artisanal techniques, they create refined, sustainable pieces in Portugal. Embracing a seasonless concept and limited production, each shoe celebrates quality over quantity.

These closed-toe sandals are crafted from certified sustainable Italian leather, designed with both style and sustainability in mind. These come in an almond toe, adjustable ankle strap, a covered block heel and platform, that offer both comfort and elegance.

255 €

Shop Aupres’ Jeanne shoes here.

Now tell me…

These are my 6 favourite sustainable wedding shoes. Now tell me, which ones are your favourite? Which ones would you wear? I hope this list gave you some inspiration for your wedding day: buy something that you love, that feels great, that do not give blisters and that you can wear after that one day as well. Because rewearing is part of slow fashion!

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