Why you should never use fabric softener

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Everyone deals with laundry at least a few times each week. It’s a necessary part of life, but it can be harmful to you and the planet if not done properly. You probably want your clothes to come out fresh and soft, but did you know that fabric softener can actually cause more harm than good? Check out why you should never use fabric softener when taking care of your clothes.

1. It might damage your clothes

Fabrics like polyester don’t do well with fabric softeners. The chemical coating that softens your laundry also makes water cling to it. Mildew and other types of mold can grow on wet laundry that remains damp even while drying on a rack, so it’s best to eliminate products that risk making your clothes retain moisture.

2. Chemical cleaners can cause allergies

You likely keep household cleaning products stocked at all times. Fabric softeners, countertop sprays and chemical cleaner wipes are just a few ordinary products that could make your loved ones develop allergies. Research shows that homes with residual cleaning chemicals increase a child’s long-term risk of developing allergies if they’re breathing or ingesting them continuously.

Swapping cleaning solutions with organic alternatives removes the danger of chemical ingredients. You’ll trust that every component is safe for yourself and your family. Check for organic brands or homemade recipes to find an alternative you like.

3. The ingredients can harm the environment

Every time your washing machine drains, it releases detergent and softeners into local waterways. The leaking chemical ingredients pollute the nearby environment. Aquatic populations and surrounding plant life suffer from chemicals that aren’t biodegradable.

Avoiding fabric softeners is vital if you use your wardrobe to help the planet. It may feel too easy to make a significant difference, but it’s a crucial step in addition to wearing biodegradable fabrics and keeping your old clothes out of landfills.

4. It may give you eczema

Most fabric softener products contain chemicals that give your clothes a pleasant scent. Although that might make them more enjoyable, it can harm your skin. Scented products include low-molecular-weight chemicals that trigger dermatitis with continual exposure. It’s safer for individuals with sensitive skin to spray their clothes with organic scents after folding the laundry or wear sustainable perfume instead.

5. It doesn’t remove odors

Laundry detergents may remove odors from your dirty clothes, but fabric softener doesn’t. The thicker solution coats your clothes with a thin layer of chemicals that provide the soft feel and pleasant aroma you expect. They also wear away with use, revealing the old odors hidden underneath.

You can easily remove odors with organic alternatives. They’ll eliminate the source of each unpleasant smell rather than mask them. Check your pantry for vinegar and baking soda to take care of smelly clothes without harmful chemicals.

Consider skipping the fabric softener

You might be used to using certain laundry products every week, but you should never use fabric softener if you prioritize the planet and your health. It leaks harmful chemicals into local waterways and even triggers health conditions for people wearing the affected clothes. Search for alternative methods of softening fabrics or removing odors to keep this standard household product from disrupting your lifestyle.

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