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Sustainable Paris map: slow fashion & vegan food

Are you looking for sustainable fashion and vegan food in Paris? I got you! Here’s a list of my favourite slow hotspots so you too can have the best time in Paris. Enjoy!

All the spots presented:

Vegan food & coffee in Paris

€ = pretty cheap
€€ = averagely expensive
€€€ = expensive

VG Pâtisserie – € – This is my favourite vegan patisserie in Paris. They offer amazing croissants, pain au chocolats, cakes and coffees for very reasonable prices.

Land&Monkeys – €€€ – Beautiful vegan patisserie, where I’ve had the best pavlova torta ever. This patisserie is definitely more high end than VG patisserie.

Bodhi Vegan – €€ – This vegan Vietnamese restaurant has an amazing menu and everything is made freshly. I especially loved the vegan duck we had! 🙂

La Recyclerie – € – This restaurant has a canteen vibe to it! Loved the interior and the garden and overall it was really nice sitting here. We had the vegan day dish and it was delicious!

Hank Burger – € – When you’re looking for burgers, you should go to Hank! They offer all kinds of burgers with different toppings and fries, and it makes the perfect snack between all the sight seeing.

Comptoir Veggie – €€ – Beautiful vegan restaurant with sandwiches, toast, buddha bowls, cakes and cookies. They also have a lot of gluten free options!

ARAKU COFFEE – €€ – At this speciality coffee store you can definitely enjoy a nice cup. They also offer a lot of organic coffees!

Soya – €€ – This organic and vegan restaurant in Paris offers lunch as well as dinners. But if you’re looking for an extensive Sunday brunch with prosecco, this is also your place to be!

IMA CANTINE – € – This veggie/vegan canteen has its doors open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I love pancakes, and they have it here!

Sol Semilla – €€ – Super cute vegan restaurants with bowls, salads, super foods and so much more.

Jah Jah By Le Tricycle – €€ – This afro vegan restaurant has super delicious dishes with rice, curries and overall lots of veggies!

brEAThe Restaurant Pigalle – €€€ – This vegan restaurant is super popular, so I recommend reserving a table! They offer lunch and dinner and have a variety of items on the menu.

Slow fashion in Paris

€ = pretty cheap
€€ = averagely expensive
€€€ = expensive

Vide Greniers – € – When you’re in Paris, you need to check out Vide Greniers (flea markets), because that is the best place to show second hand and vintage fashion for cheap. On this website you can check when and where the next flea markets are happening.

Colorful Standard – €€ – This store is focussed around just a few products, but what makes them unique is that they offer these products in the most extensive color ranges you can think of. I absolutely adore their coloured blouses!

Kind Studio – €€€ – This Paris bases slow fashion label has been on my radar for quite some years now and it was a pleasure to visit their store. They have some amazing high quality pieces in natural materials, such as linen, cotton and wool.

Bis Boutique Solidaire – € – This thrift store has several shops in Paris and it’s the perfect place besides vide greniers (flea markets) to shop cheap second hand.

Lapin Boutique Vintage – €€ – A long time ago I followed Lapin Boutique on Instagram and it was so good to finally see their store in real life! Super cute pieces and really taken care of.

EMPREINTES – €€€ – EMPREINTES is a concept store with all kinds of things. You’ll find art, interior design and slow fashion for artists in Paris. Definitely worth checking out!

KnowledgeCotton Apparel – €€ – Say minimalism, high quality and city styles and you can think of KnowledgeCotton Apparel. They have some basics that will last you forever.

Miista – €€€ – When you’re looking for extravagant and high quality shoes, Miista is something for you! I own many pair of Miista shoes and I can only recommend!

Oh My Cream! – €€ – I LOVE clean beauty, so this store was heaven for me! With many shops in Paris, you will always find the best non toxic beauty products within reach.

Ecoalf – €€€ – This Spanish slow fashion label now also has a store in Paris! They offer many street style pieces, with a hint of outdoor and minimalism.

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