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Sustainable Amsterdam map: slow fashion & vegan food

Are you looking for sustainable fashion and vegan food in Amsterdam? I got you! Here’s a list of my favourite slow hotspots so you too can have the best time in Amsterdam. Enjoy!

All the spots presented:

Vegan food & coffee in Amsterdam

€ = pretty cheap
€€ = averagely expensive
€€€ = expensive

YUSU – €€ – This super inclusive coffee place offers the best drinks and bites possible. Whenever I’m in the need of the perfect cappuccino or iced matcha latte, I’ll go here. They serve only plant based milk and have vegan bites too.

SAINT-JEAN – €€€ – This 100% vegan bakery and speciality coffee bar is my absolute dream. Vegan pistache croissants and cinnamon rolls make the perfect breakfast.

THE BAB – € – A quick and delicious dinner/afternoon snack this place is for you. Located near the beautiful Oosterpark you can either grab a bimibap to go to eat in the park or dine in.

Hearth – €€€ – Lovely plant based restaurant with unique, fresh and delicious foods. It’s a little pricier, but it is the perfect place for a date night.

Mr. & Mrs. Watson – €€€ – The famous vegan cheese brand Mr. & Mrs. Watson has now a fully plant based restaurant in Amsterdam. We had the big cheese platter with extra fries, salads and veggies and it was so, so good.

Vegan Junk Food Bar – €€ – The Vegan Junk Food Bar really understood that vegans too sometimes wanna grab fat and fried food. Their burgers are really worth a try!

Meatless District – €€ – I haven’t been here yet, but heard some great stories about them. Meatless District is open for brunch, bar snacks and dinner, serving creative cocktails, vegan wines and other vegan delights all day to accompany the food.

Mooshka Vegan Soul Food – €€ – Since I’ve been at Mooshka, I can’t stop thinking about it. They serve amazing dinner – I had vegan buffalo wings – and more importantly, they have vegan milkshakes on the menu!

Koffie Academie – €€ – Good coffee is always important to me. At this place, you will be sure to find unique coffees and very well balanced out cappuccini and more.

Mana Mana – € – This is a great place to grab all different kinds of little foods and share it with each other. I can really recommend their polenta fries!

The Lebanese Sajeria – € – Here you’ll find freshly made Libanese classics. I love to get a wrap and a little cup of soup for lunch!

PLUK – €€€ – Delicious lunch spot at the 9 straatjes. But besides lunch, they also have amazing cakes. It can be very busy here though, so keep that in mind, not the perfect place when you’re in a hurry.

Slow fashion in Amsterdam

€ = pretty cheap
€€ = averagely expensive
€€€ = expensive

The Collection One – €€ – I love this slow fashion and vintage store. So beautifully curated and absolutely a must to visit when you’re in Amsterdam.

ATALYE – €€ – When you’re looking to revolutionise fashion as we know it, you must make an appointment with ATALYE. With their technology, they’re making clothes after a 3D body scan, so they will fit you and not the other way around.

The Lingerist – €€ – When you’re looking for sustainable lingerie, The Lingerist is your place to go. Online you can get 10% off with code MYSLOWWORLD, but if you want to try on items, I’d recommend going to their store in Amsterdam.

Episode – € – This vintage clothing store chain has multiple stores throughout The Netherlands. It is a traditional vintage store with lots and lots of items on small racks. But I definitely found some gems here!

Velour Amsterdam – €€€ – Beautiful fashion store with mostly slow and sustainable fashion brands, such as Ganni, Veja and Nanushka. The style of this store is very unique and high quality.

polette – € – I’ve once written a blog post about polette, which I recommend reading, but in short, this is an optician and eyewear store where you can find beautiful ethically and sustainably made glasses.

Verse – €€€ – Sustainable fashion doesn’t have to be boring, we know that. But Verse brings this idea to a whole other level. Their items are bold, sexy and unique.

ENSŌ vintage – €€ – In this slow fashion store in Amsterdam you’ll find beautiful second hand items as well as unique upcycled clothing. Their upcycled shirts are definitely my favourite.

Fashion for Good Museum – € – In the city centre of Amsterdam you’ll find this amazing museum about slow fashion and how to create a fashion revolution. I’ve visited it multiple times and it keeps inspiring me.

Teym – €€€ – This Dutch sustainable fashion brand offer some amazing basics for men and women. My boyfriend owns multiple shirts and sweaters from them and we would love to visit the store once.

Marbles Vintage & Design – €€ – Super cute vintage store with unique items as well as traditional ‘vintage store’ items. I love strolling through the racks and check what they have.

The Swapshop – € – Instead of buying new or second hand, you could also consider swapping your clothes. When you bring your old items to The Swapshop, you’ll receive so called ‘swaps’ that you can use to purchase other things back.

Het Faire Oosten – €€€ – This enormous slow fashion store in Amsterdam offers something for anyone. They have a huge collection of sustainable brands, for men as well as for women.

BrandMission – €€€ – With already two stores in The Netherlands and a well-known online shop, BrandMission is bringing slow fashion to your doorstep. They sell fashion, shoes, bags, accessories and more.

Filippa K – €€€ – When you’re into sustainable fashion, you must know Filippa K. They offer basics that will last you a lifetime. It’s expensive, but the two items I have from them are still getting me compliments after years.

Kringloop Kerkstraat – € – Second hand fashion can be cheaper than fast fashion, we know that. But where do you find it? Well, at the Kringloop it is in The Netherlands.

Ganni – €€€ – This Danish ethical fashion brand offers bold, unique and sustainable pieces. Their online store is big, but if you want to try something, you could do so at their store at the 9 straatjes.

Mercer – €€ – A this store in Amsterdam you’ll find the brands best sustainable sneakers. Their products are produced in family-owned factories in Portugal and Italy with a heavy focus on sustainability. 

Kiloshop – € – At this second hand and vintage store you can buy items per kilo. The prices vary per item, but overall it’s definitely possible to find gems here.

Denim City – €€ – Denim city is a knowledge hub around denim, designers and sustainability. You can learn here more about denim as well as buy some items yourself.

Bij ons vintage – €€ – At this vintage store in the 9 straatjes you can find quite a lot of different items. They sell jackets, dresses, shoes, sweaters and coats and overall their aesthetic is quite bold.

Kringloopwinkel De Lokatie – € – Again another second hand kringloop store that offers items at great prices.

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