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7 tips for slow living in a fast world

Slow living: it may sound vague and random. Because, how fast or slow can one go, when time always passes by in the same speed? Time is objective as well as perceptional at the same time. Even though time passes by in the same speed for everyone, some experience slowness, whereas others experience a constant rush. This blog post is for everyone who experiences the rush and wants to do something about it. Here are 7 tips that help me to live slow.

1. Stop comparing and trust yourself.

Comparison always ends in a terrible spiral down. Therefore, I’m trying to remind myself that what I do and who I am is enough. And when I notice I get stressed or insecure about a certain thing, I put little signs throughout my house to help me remember it’s going to be okay. For example, recently I was super stressed about passing the first semester of my master degree and I hang little notes around the house that said: ‘you’re going to pass’. It helped me to relieve stress and this helped me then to pass important exams. Learn to be there for yourself and stop comparing and quiet the voice in your head that tells you you’re falling behind and have to do more and faster. Your pace is a perfect pace. Don’t let the internet rush you, no one shows their failures.

Trust the path you’re walking, everything will come, in time.

2. Go outside, every day.

Being in nature is one of the best ways to slow down. So try to incorporate moments of fresh air throughout your days, even when it’s raining, stroming or windy. Personally I’m always trying to walk at least for an hour every evening after work. It helps me also to reduce work stress and computer headaches.

3. Pay attention to the little things.

Not all days can be the best day of your life and that’s absolutely fine. But every day does have a little happy moment. So, take a moment to breathe deeply and notice small things around you. A little ray of sunshine on your desk, a bird chilling in your garden, a cosy cuddling session with your pet, a nice dinner with a loved one. Little details will be the big ones in the end. Try to find them!

4. Unsubscribe from all advertisement.

Marketers are continuously trying to sell us unnecessary things. And in order to do so, they create needs that leave us feeling unfulfilled. However, consumption of goods is not going to still an emotional gap – even though marketers are trying to make you believe this. To protect your peace and live more contently, it’s best to reduce consumption of advertisement, newsletters, branded social media accounts and so on.

5. Be mindful in what you consume.

And consumption here means not only buying, but also what you consume online. Follow inspiring accounts and watch content that makes you feel good. If you notice with some content creators or some type of content, that you feel dragged down, insecure or sad after watching it, than reduce or cut off the consumption of this content. Instead, choose content that helps you relax, inspires you or makes you feel good in some sort of way.

6. Create moments of silence.

Silence is important for your brain to rest and process what has been happening around you. You cannot slow down with a brain that’s in constant rush. When you feel overwhelmed by your thoughts in silence, try guiding your thoughts through meditation. In the end, you’ll know you can think, but you’re not your thoughts.

7. Take control over your agenda.

Learn to say no. Because even though life gives you many opportunities, you don’t have to do it all. Even when all opportunities seem amazing, or even when you don’t want to disappoint people, it’s important to pass on and say no from time to time. Because, sometimes rest is the even better opportunity. And remember, you don’t need a valid reason to say no.

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I hope this blog post helps you to find ways to start living slow yourself. And remember, perfection does not exist, neither in finding a slow lifestyle. This lifestyle will still look different for everyone. And some days will still be hard, intens or rushy. That’s all okay. You have to find your own personal way of living slow and content.

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