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EWADARA: where you find amazing sustainable fashion from African designers

Maybe you can relate, but I love to discover new sustainable fashion brands. So for example, I love to find ethical and small designer brands from all over the world, that share that same passion to create a better fashion industry. If we want to make a change, we have to work together – consumers, activists, brands and creators. To make another step in the right direction, I’d love to introduce you to EWADARA today!

EWADARA is a sustainable fashion and lifestyle platform that connects consumers with the best ethical designers from all over the African continent. You can find designers from Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Ghana and many more countries. Besides the wide range of sustainable fashion designers, there’s so much more to love about EWADARA. This blog post is a cool collaboration between me, Cinosanda, a fashion blogger on Angodiva and EWADARA.

Sustainability as a key value

As I mentioned before, EWADARA connects consumers interested in sustainable fashion with ethical designers from all over Africa. But what specifically does sustainability mean here?

EWADARA commits itself to three aspects of sustainability: product impact, people impact and consumers impact. This means that all products on the platform are sustainably sourced and made. Everything is locally handmade, using organic or recycled materials. You can find fashion items on their platform from cotton, linen, silk and kente, jewelry from recycled brass or silver and shoes from cotton and leftover leather. Using these materials, for example recycled or upcycled leather, decreases the environmental impact of the end product. If you want to read more about leather and its environmental impact, you can check out this in-debt blog post about it.

Besides the product impact, EWADARA commits to people impact. This means that they are actively involved in job creation. They participate to increase the number of formal jobs in a local economy, which ultimately leads to more security and empowerment, including women and the youth.

Lastly, when we take a look at the consumers impact, we can see how EWADARA educates us about their products and production processes. Therefore consumers understand the price points of each product. And we know we are paying fair prices for high quality products.

Three African fashion designers on EWADARA I love

To give you a little insight about what EWADARA has to offer, I’d love to introduce you to three African fashion designers that I’ve found through this platform. These are inspiring designers that I absolutely love. Because of their aesthetics, but also because of their story. They are really making a difference in the fashion industry.

Sisters of Africa

The first is Sisters of Africa, where me and Cinosanda both got our pieces from. Sisters Of Afrika is a sustainable fashion brand that actively promotes made in Africa. The founder of Sisters of Africa, Héléne, came to realise that there were no clothes made in Africa offering modern cuts. Therefore she decided to create a brand herself. With her items she brings African fashion to the modern consumer.

Sisters of Afrika is an ethical brand that commits to fair wages and sustainable practices. Therefore, the brand allows women and men to live comfortably from their jobs while enjoying their passion. With their fair wages, employees are able to support their whole family and it’s allowing their children to have access to education and a better life. In addition, by creating this brand, the company strongly wants to allow the economy of African countries to prosper.


The second brand I’d like to highlight from EWADARA is Mé-Wé. Mé-Wé is a Franco-Ivorian brand founded by Mathilde Mé-Wé. Since 2017, she offers a selection of elegant and feminine ready-to-wear fashion. Her pieces are definitely one of a kind, with a great eye for detail and craftsmanship. One of her most outstanding materials is fabric handwoven in Ivory Coast with muted and harmonious colours. All Mé-Wé collections are produced in limited editions in a workshop concerned with a rewarding and positive work ethic. Again, this shows the appreciation for craftsmanship and sustainability altogether.

Henri Uduku

Lastly, I’d like to introduce you to the third brand that I’ve found and since then adored from EWADARA. It’s Henri Uduku, an androgynous menswear brand. They offer exciting pieces that offer quality, versatility and comfort. If you know me, you know I’d like to wear oversized pieces, that don’t necessarily need to be for women, as long as you’re able to give your own touch to it. This is absolutely the case for Henri Uduku’s collections. You can dress things up or down, by either wearing it with sneakers ands big sunglasses, or jewelry and heels.

All pieces are 100% made in Nigeria. By sourcing their materials locally and working with indigenous artisans, Henri Uduku’s goal is to create a new perspective for Made-in-Nigeria products, and to promote economic and social growth for artisans in our community. Henri Udukus is based in Lagos, Nigeria.

Shop from EWADARA and support ethical fashion from Africa

As you can see, EWADARA offers all types of clothing (and jewelry, bags, shoes) for everyone. Whether you’re more into super feminine or elegant styles, or whenever you prefer a more oversized street style look, you will find it on EWADARA. And with their helpful customer support, secured payments and free shipping, it’s even more easy to find what you’re looking for.

But besides all these great things for consumers, it’s also especially cool, that whenever you’re shopping from EWADARA, you’re actively contributing to a better fashion industry. All brands on EWADARA are guaranteeing ethical and sustainable production processes. Therefore they’re empowering many others who are working with them. And that’s exactly how sustainable and ethical fashion should be!

Feel free to have a look on EWADARA’s website to read more about all the stories of the sustainable and ethical designer brands from Africa. I’m excited to hear which one is your favourite. And when you’d like to see more styling and info about EWADARA go check out the blog post over at

You can shop from EWADARA here.

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