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Studio Tantine: the beauty of made to order fashion

When you’re into slow fashion, you’ve probably heard of ‘made to order’ fashion. Made to order means, that the production of a piece, mainly clothing, only starts after the purchase has been made. Why is made to order so sustainable? That is because it eliminates the risk of overproduction and therefore unnecessarily using resources. Studio Tantine is an example of a sustainable made to order brand. Ever since I discovered Studio Tantine I’ve been in love with their designs, sustainable ethos and overall brand vibe. Therefore I’m very proud to finally introduce Studio Tantine to you. This article is based on an interview with Perrine, the founder of Studio Tantine.

Let me introduce you to Studio Tantine!

What does Studio Tantine stand for?

Studio Tantine is a French brand that is all about the feminine, unfussy, effortless and chic silhouette. All pieces are a perfect balance between minimalist/straight lines and voluminous shapes. Whenever you’re looking for a minimal yet remarkable piece, you’ll be able to find it at Studio Tantine.

Perrine decided to name her brand Tantine – which means aunty in French – because in her culture the aunties are the ones guiding you. Perrine too wanted to guide people towards sustainable fashion with Studio Tantine. Therefore everything Perrine creates incorporates the sustainable mindset. For example, every piece is made of leftover fabrics, giving them a second life and transforming these fabrics into beautiful and timeless pieces. As all pieces are made of dead stock, Studio Tantine only works with small quantities of fabric, and therefore creating limited edition collections only. Besides that, every piece is made to order, just for you by one of their seamstresses or by Perrine herself around Paris.

The reason Perrine started her brand

Being strongly against fast fashion, Perrine always wanted to be involved in a company that cares about its impact and its workers. “I know that many women are more and more like me, aware of the impact of fast fashion on the workers and the planet,” Perrine explains. “So with Studio Tantine I wanted to provide an alternative for women looking for unfussy, effortless yet sustainable pieces.”

Let’s dive a little deeper into sustainability

“For me, sustainability means ‘caring’ or ‘taking care’ of what is surrounding us,” says Perrine. “This includes taking care of the way we treat people and of the impact of our actions & work.” That’s why at Studio Tantine there’s a huge interest for the origin of their fabrics and their impact on the planet. Therefore every piece is made of natural materials only, such as high quality cotton, silk and linen. Besides that, Perrine cares about the people working with her. So the seamstresses she works with, are working from the comfort of their homes. “For me it was really important to work with local seamstresses and to know that they were working with comfort and at a fair wage.”

Lastly, Perrine emphasises that she doesn’t care about trends, but rather about the longevity of her pieces, so they can last over time. When we continue wearing what we have for a longer period of time, we are incorporating the sustainable mindset. Reducing overconsumption by not jumping onto trends is one of the best ways to contribute to slow and sustainable fashion. And Studio Tantine wants to continue being part of that movement too.

How does Studio Tantine choose the right fabrics?

So as mentioned earlier, Studio Tantine works with dead stock fabrics only, to incorporate sustainability at its fullest. “There are already so many beautiful existing fabrics, waiting for someone to pick them up and give them a second life,” says Perrine. “My fabrics come from a dead stock reseller, where I look for natural fabrics only. I spend hours in the warehouse curating the best fabric for my customers. I function with love at first sight: when you know, you know!”

Perrine’s tip to consume more ethically

Her two biggest tip to consume more ethically is thrift shopping, as you can find some incredible pieces that deserve a second life, and shopping from sustainable brands, whenever you can. When you mix thrifted pieces with pieces from sustainable brands, you can create a perfectly balanced personal style.

But when you don’t want or can’t shop from sustainable brands, you should always try to pay attention to the tag of your clothes. Here you’ll find what it’s been made of and where it’s produced. Ask yourself if the workers have been treated well in the production of your clothes and what the impact is on the environment. If you’re unsure, you can keep in mind that you should always prefer natural materials (such as cotton, wool, silk, linen, hemp) over synthetic ones (such as acrylic, polyester, nylon).

And finally, you can learn how to sew in order to build your own wardrobe. It requires some time, but the feeling you’ll get whenever you make your own clothes is priceless. This allows you to make clothes that are 100% your style and that fit you exactly the way you love it the most.

How to style Studio Tantine

All pieces are minimal, yet bold, which to me is a perfect balance for an effortless yet remarkable outfit. For example, the Janet jeans are not just simple beige jeans. Instead, they’re high waisted, with a slightly curved leg and orange contrast stitching. This makes them immediately interesting to look at. Also the Romane tank top isn’t just a simple white tank top. It has rouched side seams and a double button closure at the back, for a sexy yet chic back opening.

On warm summer days I wear the Romane tank top and the Janet jeans together. But on the colder days I love to wear the Janet jeans with a thrifted oversized blouse and a blazer. On even hotter summer days, I obviously switch out the jeans and wear the Romane tank top with some sustainable high waist shorts and sandals.

As Studio Tantine offer such high quality pieces, you will continue wearing them. So whenever you decide to purchase something, it’ll become a staple in your wardrobe. Staples may sound boring, like for example a white jeans or a basic blouse. But when you’re able to find staples that are bold and effortlessly chic, you’re able to elevate your style. And incorporating these pieces – especially over indeed very basic staples – will allow you to create a more personal style as well. To feel good in your clothes, it’s important to find a perfect balance of the things you love to wear.

With this introduction to this made to order sustainable brand, I hope you’ve got inspired and found a new designer to support. I will be following Perrine’s work and I’m excited to continue wearing her pieces throughout the many years to come. You can find Studio Tantine on Instagram or shop directly from her e-shop.

Shop Studio Tantine here

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