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NORTVI: sustainable travelling with a special suitcase

As the covid era slowly fades away – at least it seems like that – we can also start dreaming and planning again. And of course, the last months we did not stop dreaming all of a sudden. But it did indeed feel more unrealistic. For example, the dreams we had to live abroad, to start new adventures or to travel were things we had to postpone. But what we’ve dreamt of, is getting closer again. And I think many of us dreamt of travelling and visiting new places. Traveling is beautiful, although sometimes can be very unsustainable too. But definitely not always. So in this blog post I want to talk about how to travel more sustainably, especially with the help of NORTVI, a sustainable travel bag and lifestyle brand. If you’re looking for a sustainable and ethical suitcase, keep on reading.

Is traveling unsustainable?

But before we dive into it, I want to answer this question: is travelling unsustainable? And if so, why?

Well, when you put it short, most ways of travelling nowadays are quite unsustainable. But I like some nuance to it. Just as fashion, eating or even existing, is all unsustainable to some extent, so is travelling. We need a certain input (be it materials, energy, water, etc) to get a certain output (like clothes, transportation or food). In the case of traveling, we mostly need fossil fuels to get us around the globe. And besides that, we carry lots of single use things with us for a trip. Like a suitcase you only use once, a piece of clothing just bought for that trip only, a toothbrush to throw away at the end of the trip, and more. I’ve been guilty of bringing single use items to my trips too.

However, it’s certainly possible to travel more mindful and thus more sustainable. We could choose to travel by bus or train instead of plane, we could bring loved items that will last us past trips and we can visit local spots to support them. And loved items include suitcases that will last you long – trip after trip. 

How I got into sustainable suitcases

When I was younger, I once got a suitcase from my friend. I know she bought it from one of the cheapest fast fashion stores out there – I’ll let you guess which one she went to. It was a birthday present and she pimped the suitcase herself, with spray paint she covered it all in little hearts and starts. She gave it to me for our summer holiday and indeed, it did not last any longer than that. The little wheels got broken, as well as the key lock, which made it not really attractive to travel with it.

For years, I’ve been looking for sustainable and ethical suitcases, but I wasn’t successful. Yet recently, I came across NORTVI, a Dutch suitcase brand that is all I was looking for: sustainable, ethical, practical and chic.

NORTVI ethical suitcases – for the conscious traveller

NORTVI is a Dutch brand founded in 2019. They believe that travelling with sustainable and eco-friendly gear is the new norm. Therefore they offer a range of suitcases, bags, phone cases and accessories for the conscious traveller. For their suitcases, they offer smaller hand luggage suitcases and bigger check-in suitcases.

What are NORTVI suitcases made of?

All suitcases are made of polycarbonate and recycled PET, to which the outer shell of the suitcase is polycarbonate and the inner lining is recycled PET. Polycarbonates are a group of thermoplastic polymers containing carbonate groups in their chemical structures and they’re considered a sustainable material. It’s possible to customise polycarbonates in a wide range of colours, finishing and varieties. It’s durable and lightweight. This means that polycarbonate suitcases are not only more relaxed for you to carry around, but it’ll also reduce carbon emissions, when transporting this lightweight material. The inner inner lining is fully recycled and therefore also reduces waste.

A 2 year guarantee

What I also really like about NORTVI is their honest confidence in their products. On every suitcase they offer a 2 year guarantee, which shows their focus on sustainability. Loved items last and their suitcases are indeed an example of loved items which you’ll keep carrying around.

How to style NORTVI suitcases

On this blog I’ve shown you more than once how sexy sustainability can be, and I’ll show you again. NORTVI suitcases are stylish and chic. This suitcase is an extension of my outfit and I can’t wait to travel with it again. Because of the 4 wheels and key lock, I’m able to easily bring it to another trip to Berlin. The white color will keep my items in my suitcase cold in a hot summer’s sun, and in winter it’ll stand out in the crowd of black bags and coats.

But if you’re more into black or green, NORTVI has your back too. And maybe in the future they’ll add even more colours, so just keep an eye out. 

Would I recommend NORTVI?

Lastly, I’d like to end this blog post with a recommendation. After using my sustainable suitcase only on mini-adventures around my hometown – obviously because of covid – I’d definitely recommend it. Only now, I’ve already noticed how durable and of such high quality this suitcase is. I love the front pocket where I can easily bring my laptop. This is a huge plus for anyone who has to use their laptop a lot, also whilst travelling. But it’s also super handy for your favourite travel books and other gear. 

Personally, from all the bags NORTVI offers I’d recommend the white pocket suitcase, but obviously, if you prefer no pocket or another colour, be my guest. So if you’re looking for a sustainable and ethical suitcase, I’d highly recommend NORTVI. And remember, it’s always better to invest into something high quality that you truly love, so it’ll last you forever. Like my grandpa always joked: “I’m too poor to buy cheap items that need to be replaced immediately.” And our Mother Nature also doesn’t have the flexibility for single use items either.

Shop sustainable and ethical NORTVI items here.

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