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The CANO Shoe & jewellery from Mexico

On these rainy days you just need something to look forward to. To me that’s sunny summer days, breezy evenings and the fresh smell of grass and growing plants. Usually I’m not really a winter person, although I like thick and cosy sweaters. However, this winter feels extra hard due to the current circumstances. And I’ve heard from many of you, that this particular winter doesn’t feel as warm and cosy as we wished it to be. So when CANO reached out to me to review one of their concha bracelets from their new jewellery line, I was very excited. This jewellery line truly reminds me of these long days at the beach and it’s exactly the thing I need to brighten up my winter.

Let me introduce you to CANO

The CANO Shoe is a lifestyle brand bringing Mexican craftsmanship and its quality to Europe. Back in 2014, Philipp and Lukas, the founders of CANO, came to Mexico to study. Immediately they were fascinated by Mexico’s vibrant culture, including the quality and passion behind Mexican handcrafted fashion and footwear. Once they arrived back home in Europe, they decided to bring the Mexican huarache and its craftsmanship to Europe. A huarache is a handmade leather sandal, handwoven by artisans to create a certain pattern. As every shoe is handmade with love, one artisan can only make 3 to 4 pairs a day, which makes them even more special.

Since their launch in 2016, CANO became very popular in Europe and they decided to expand their business. They now sell huaraches, winter boots, homeware and jewellery – all ethically made in Mexico.

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Ethics and sustainability

I’ve known CANO to be ethical and sustainable since quite some time. I’ve written about them in my blog post about ethical shoe brands, but let me recap why they are so good.

To CANO, an ethical production means three things: Fairness, Sustainability and Transparency. You can read all here, but long story short: they know who makes their shoes and how. The craftsmen they work with, and everyone in their production chain, is respected and credited by fair wages and a professional working environment. Everything in the production process is transparent: where their products come from, what they are made of, and who made them. Transparency is key to a more ethical fashion industry. Lastly, when we talk about sustainability, they’ve thought about all the materials. The leather they use is vegetable tanned leather and comes from tanneries certified Gold or Silver by the Leather Working Group. The soles are either natural crepe rubber or recycled airplane tires. As you can see, everything throughout the process is ethical.

CANO jewellery line

So as I mentioned before, CANO now also launched a jewellery line. All jewellery is ethically handcrafted in Mexico too. And also this line is fully sustainable, as they’ve chosen to use recycled metals such as sterling silver and brass. Besides that, you can check where exactly your products are made and who made them. On every product page, you’ll find a little map and a link to the artisan. And with that, they truly assure full transparency.

How to style the jewellery

Usually I love to wear gold toned jewellery, but this time I wanted to try this recycled sterling silver piece. It’s the Concha Bracelet and it’s a typical piece that will remind you of summer. The little silver shell makes me daydream of hot beach days, swimming in salty seas and speaking languages I don’t speak often – and that makes me smile. The bracelet has two points you can close it on, so it’ll always fit nicely. Some people say you can’t match gold and silver jewellery, but I’d say this piece blends in very nicely with the rest. It’s a piece I love wearing daily. And because it’s 100% sterling silver, I don’t have to worry about tarnishing; the colour will stay bright and bold forever.

Are you curious about the full CANO collection? You can get 10% off on everything from CANO – shoes and jewellery – with code MYSLOWWORLD. 😊

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