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Näz: sustainable fashion from Portugal

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The first time I got yo know Näz was through an online shop of a friend of mine. She knew the women behind this warm and classy Portuguese brand for some time and she introduced me to them. Ever since, I followed them on social media and I even met them in real life twice too. Christina, the founder of Näz, has been on Neonyt several times and as I love Berlin and sustainable fashion, I have been too. Because of the harmonious designs and the warm character of the brand, I truly love them. That’s why I’m super excited to introduce you to Näz and the people behind it!

This article is based on an interview with Marta, the marketing specialist of Näz.

Let me introduce you to Näz: sustainable fashion from Portugal!

What does Näz stand for?

Näz is a sustainable fashion brand inspired by modern life. They’re offering garments that are consistent with an individual, more minimalist and contribute to conscious lifestyle. It’s their mission is to make fashion look good, not only on people, but on the planet too. Therfore Näz created 4 rules to act by: Transparency, Responsibility, Respect and Sustainability.

The reason Christina started Näz

The brand started when Cristiana, the founder and designer of the brand, was still on her master’s degree. Back then, she started to research and study the textile industry in the interior region of Portugal. Quickly, she came to realise that, even though many European and international brands produce in Portugal, there was no Portuguese sustainable fashion at the time. Also, she loved fashion and wanted to work in the area but did not want to contribute to such a dirty industry. With that in mind, she decided to create a brand that would be produced 100% in Portugal, and aligned with sustainability values.

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So let’s talk a little more about sustainability!

As mentioned before, Näz created 4 rules to always act and live by as a (sustainable fashion) brand: Transparency, Responsibility, Respect and Sustainability. So I asked Marta if she could explain these terms for me in a little more depth.

Marta says: “Well, transparency, for us, means no games. We make available to our suppliers, partners, customers, and stakeholders all the information we have about our processes. This includes sourcing, handling the product, the materials, etc etc. Then secondly, responsibility means to face and bear the consequences of our actions. Either good and bad. Thirdly, we respect all people, cultures, as well as planet and the environment. All our actions are towards a sustainable future, where all living beings can live harmoniously. Which brings me to our last rule: Sustainability. Sustainability means alignment to values that contribute to a sustainable development, both of societies and other ecosystems. For us, it is a balance between using what we already have while also producing something new. From production to handling, we seek to be as sustainable as possible, always looking for ways to improve our methods and processes.”

It’s important to understand that sustainability is a balance of many things. Therefore it’s almost impossible to produce something that doesn’t have any environmental impact. However, that doesn’t mean Näz leaves it at that. Instead, they are constantly looking for the best way to obtain local, raw and quality material, without generating more impact on the environment. The products need to have a positive social impact, inspired by the concept of circular economy. Therefore Näz created partnerships with Portuguese factories in order to develop new recycled products.

Sustainable and ethical materials

All Näz products fall into three different lines, that clarify the materials used.

The Recycled line is developed together with small textile factories near Covilhã. They have a deep knowledge on the art of making fabrics. So with them, they started developing fabrics and knits of recycled yarn. This line of products it’s not only extremely sustainable, but is also fully traceable & local. The colours are sorted beforehand, so no dyes or chemicals are needed. And the recycling process is fully mechanical, so it’s waterless and 100% non-toxic. Actually, there’s no waste at all, so no chemicals, water, dyes or anything. And the cool thing is, everything – from yarn to sewing – is made locally in a radius area of 100kms! Näz’s recycled line is certified by GRS (Global Recycling Standard).

Then there’s the Surpluses line, in which garments are made from leftover fabrics. These fabrics come from textile factories that either overestimated their needs or needed to produce more than ordered due to minimum orders of yarn or even due to machinery. Traditionally, factories would hold on to their excess fabrics for a few seasons and then send them to landfill. Instead, Näz rescues these deadstock fabrics before they are thrown away at carrier partners.

Finally, the Ecological line consists of products that are made of 100% natural fibres. For example linen or organic cotton. Most of the products on this line are certified (GOTS, PETA, or others). Marta explains: “We meet our partners to see what they have been producing and we always end up finding the perfect fabric to fit the collection. Most of the times we already choose from their ecological segment, but sometimes we find something we really like and challenge them to make even better.” For example, producing a fabric without any synthetic substitute.

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Näz’s advise to consume more ethically

Lastly, I asked Marta how we can consume more ethically. A better future starts with everyone doing their part. So what can we learn from Näz’s story? Here’s what Marta said.

“Our best advise we can give, is to look first into the clothing items you own, before purchasing something new. Sometimes we may feel like we need to purchase a new piece. But when we look at our wardrobe, we may realise that we have a very similar piece already. Then we just need to learn to style it differently. But if you do realise you need something new, purchase something good. That means garments made of 100% natural fibres and from environmental positive brands. So you can assure the minimum environmental impact of your new garment.”

How I like to style Näz

So far I only own the oversized Loriga I sweater, which is one of my most worn sweaters ever. I love the boxy fit and the high neckline. It’s the perfect knit to wear upon jeans and blouses. But I also love to wear it onto skirts and dresses. The fit is oversized, yet slightly cropped. I think Näz products are true to size, and either slightly roomy than super tight. Näz clothes are perfect for everyone who cherishes sustainable fashion and finds comfort one of the most important things in clothes.

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Shop small, shop responsibly.

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