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Get to know ‘Savara Intimates’

Lingerie is the first layer touching your skin. I’ve repeated this multiple times, but it is so important that this layer is comfortable and non-toxic. Therefore I’d like to introduce you to Savara Intimates, a lingerie brand from The Netherlands, producing only natural and comfortable items. This blog post is based on an interview with Eva, the founder of Savara Intimates and will be an introduction as well as a review of the brand.

Let me introduce you to Savara Intimates!

What does Savara Intimates stand for?

The word Savara means glowing from within. Savara Intimates supports this natural glow of women by creating sustainable lingerie. They really focus on the feeling of women wearing lingerie. Therefore they create stunning, comfortable, long-lasting items that are adjustable to any body type. They believe in authentic, confident women doing it their way and changing the status quo. That’s exactly what they’re trying to do too; changing the way we look at lingerie and bras.

The reason Eva started Savara Intimates

2 years ago, Eva just graduated from University. She tried hard to stay focused on her ‘perfect’ office job. However, she questioned herself every day whether she was doing the right thing.

Eva explains: “I have the strong belief that it’s possible to create anything you want. And I felt that lingerie struggles could (and should) be different. I daydreamed about starting a company with a positive impact on the world. A company in which I could create something beautiful. One night I drew some ideas and started sewing. I was blown away by the energy this gave me. And that’s where Savara intimates started.”

Since then Eva developed her dream and started growing her business. Growing doesn’t mean loosing her focus on sustainability. On the contrary, it’s still the key focus of her company. All lingerie is now sustainably produced in a small factories in either The Netherlands or Latvia.

Let’s talk a little about sustainability

In a previous blog post, we’ve talked a little about the un/sustainability of lingerie. There are some boundaries to it due to the elasticity needed for lingerie, as explained by Manon too. However, we can still try to make lingerie as sustainable as possible. So I asked Eva how she does this at Savara Intimates.

“Sustainability is very present in my personal life and business practices,” Eva says. “I believe sustainability should be the standard instead of the exception. Because in the end, we have no other option.” Therefore Savara Intimates works with sustainable fabrics, as well as specific pattern cutting to reduce waste. Also eco-packaging and CO2 compensation for all orders is something Savara Intimates chooses for. You can read their full mission here.

Let’s dive a little deeper into the materials used for Savara Intimates’ lingerie

It wouldn’t be My slow world if I wouldn’t talk about sustainability in this Savara Intimates review. So I asked Eva how she tackles this.

Well, Savara Intimates’s lingerie line is taking various factors into account. First of all, it’s important that the fabric is made responsibly (without chemicals for example).

Secondly, Eva’s always looking for natural fibers instead of synthetics. The materials used for the lingerie consist mainly of OEKO-TEX tencel with just a tiny bit of recycled polyester. However, for lace, this is a problem. Lace is often made of synthetic materials. So Savara Intimates chooses to work with lace that’s made from recycled fibers or that are left-overs from big factories.

Lastly, Eva’s considering the total impact of an item. Like the transport distance, the minimum amount of meters that should be purchased et cetera. To compensate this, Savara Intimates plants trees for every ordered item.

Eva’s tip to consume more ethically

Something I repeat quite often is: “Buy less, but better”. Eva agrees to this, saying: “I think, especially in the fashion industry, it’s key to buy less. The volume of the industry is huge and so is the impact. Also, I think we shouldn’t consume clothing mindlessly. Because if we invest in long-lasting pieces, we can keep them for a very long time. As well as repair them, lend or swap them endlessly.”

I hope this introduction and review of Savara Intimates was helpful to make a conscious purchase decision. Whenever you feel like it, you can shop the full lingerie line here.

Shop lingerie from Savara Intimates here.

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