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November favourites

To get a little track of my style and to see the things I gravitate towards, I create these monthly favourite lists. I’ve noticed I like solid colours, especially white, blue and red have been favourites this year. Also, I’ve noticed I dislike wearing black. Therefore I did not add any black clothes to my wardrobe this year.

Actually, I don’t shop so much at all, but when I do, I try to incorporate more colours into my wardrobe. It makes me happy to wear something different, artsy and colourful. Especially combined with some amazing basics, such as the sweater by Näz or the corduroy pants by Everlane.

And as black Friday’s coming up, we should focus less on big brands dropping massive sales, but more on slow fashion brands to support during these times. It’s always been hard for smaller brands to compete, but especially now in this unfair capitalistic monopoly system we’ve created. Anyways, this blog isn’t so much about boycotting fast fashion brands, instead I want to highlight the good ones out there.

Therefore, in these November favourites, I’ve included more slow fashion that is quite artsy and colourful. I want to become even more creative with the things I already have. And when I do need to purchase something, I’ll think this through, so it’ll be a complementation to what I own, instead of just an addition to it.

What items are your November favourites? And will you be supporting small brands this Black Friday?

Näz Loriga – Recycled sweater*

Get 10% off on all Näz with code: MYSLOWWORLD10

Paloma Wool – YinYang sweater

GLDN – Jewelry*

Get 5$ off on all GLDN with code MYSLOWWORLD

Everlane – Corduroy pants*

Everlane – Oversized alpaca crew*

Auprès – Félicie boots

GANNI – Oversized collar dress

Everlane – Rain boot in beige*

Datura – Red jumpsuit

Everlane – Brown corduroy pants

All links with an * are affiliate links, read more about my partnerships here.

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