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7 stores to shop from during lockdown

What a time to be alive. We are in the middle of a global pandemic and this results in many challenges. In The Netherlands, we’re facing a partial lockdown: restaurants had to close, we are urged to stay home and basically do nothing. We are inclined not to shop during lockdown. And of course, it serves a purpose and I fully understand the situation. Yet, this doesn’t make the situation easier. My job as a waitress and team assistent, is truly dependent on restaurants allowing to be open. As for now, I don’t have a job, as I have to stay home too.

These times are quite hard, but we have to focus on the positive. With the money we spend, we can be a vote. Within this pandemic, we can make a change happen, by shopping small and sustainably. We can make an impact of the lives of small entrepreneurs and shop owners, in order to help them survive the crisis. Instead of supporting unethical multinationals, we can use this time to support the good stores instead.

The lockdown is though and many entrepeneurs and small shop owners suffer from it. We can make an impact, by shopping small and sustainably.

Here are 7 stores I will be supporting during this crisis.

1. Marquant Department in Groningen

This little store is based in my hometown and female-owned. Inge, the owner of Marquant Department, has a special love for soft and organic materials, as well as classic and feminine design. Everything in her store is carefully chosen and curated, in order to give you the best sustainable shopping experience. The brands sold at Marquant Department are mostly small and sustainable. You can shop from them in store or through Instagram.

2. Mary Jane Schoenenboetiek in Groningen

This shoe store is also based in my hometown, Groningen. Mary Jane Schoenenboetiek sells only unique, made-in-Europe shoes. The quality is amazing and it’s definitely worth the investment, I have several pairs from them and they’re all super special as well as comfortable. They sell brands such as Miista, Pertini and Fly London. This store is also women-owned. You can shop from them in store, on their website and through Instagram.

3. Moeon in Berlin

At Moeon, you’ll find pieces with character. It’s all slightly different, with a very modern touch and a great eye for comfort. They sell sustainable fashion brands such as Maska, Kings of Indigo and many more. For now you can shop through Instagram or in store, as listed on my sustainable Berlin map. They’re also developing an online store.

4. Wertvoll in Berlin

Wertvoll is a slow fashion store based in Berlin. With their modern and timeless pieces, ethically made all over the world, they’re able to bring sustainability to everyone’s wardrobe. Brands such as INTI knitwear, CUS and Armed Angels can be found here. You can shop in store or through their website. I’ve also listed them on my Berlin map.

5. Onfootprint in Paris

Onfootprint is a slow and sustainable fashion store based in Paris. They sell timeless items for men and women from small brands and designers. You can find flowy dresses, sturdy jackets and elegant trousers at onfootprint. I really like their linen dress from last season. You can shop online as well as through Instagram.

6. Éternel Éphémère in Paris

Éternel Éphémère is a young high-end and ethical French lingerie brand based in Paris launched in December 2017. All the pieces are handmade to order by Manon, the designer. She uses traditional Calais lace and this lace has an extraordinary high quality. You can shop her newly launched winter collection on her website.

7. Nouare Jewelry in Brighton

Marie founded her handmade jewellery brand a couple of years ago. Everything she makes is made of 100% eco friendly, such as certified Recycled silver, sustainable metals, to the recycled gold used to plate the jewellery. Her designs are modern and bold, and will elevate any outfit. You can shop Nouare on the online shop as well as at various stockists throughout Europe.

I hope these stores have given you some inspiration on where to put your money during these times. Let’s shop small and sustainably during this lockdown. I hope we are able to make a change in the industry within the next couple of years.

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