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October favourites

Let me tell you the background for these October favourites… These last couple of weeks have been quite crazy and busy for me personally. I’ve worked full time, I’ve studied full time and I tried to maintain balance in work, university, friends, family, loved ones and My slow world. Well, one thing I can tell you for sure, my world has not been slow at all. In retrospect I have to admit that this isn’t healthy, nor maintainable – it’s not sustainable ? I’m now looking how to incorporate more spare time in my schedule. Often we forget, myself included, how important it is to have days where one’s doesn’t do anything. Our society sees productivity as one of the most important aspects of life. Yet, we are no machines and we cannot always be productive and high preforming.

We have to embrace unproductiveness, slow living, harmony and yin energy.

So in order to balance out my personal imbalance, I’ve created an October favourites list, with balanced and simple pieces. You know I like simplicity, but with a touch of something different. These favourites embrace the vibes of autumn: letting go in order to grow. We have to adjust to the seasons, and we have to go with the flow. Flowing through life in order to enjoy the natural pace and be content with it. We don’t always need the extremes.

Harmony is my key word of this season. Being at ease, being in a flow and being content, is what this word means to me. And even though I’m in a state of constant work, I’m trying to keep my mind quiet, balanced, silenced and at ease. Mindfulness helps me with that.

Enjoy some harmonious October favourites.

The Lingerist Orange Set

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Gimaguas Coloured Jumper

Paloma Wool YinYang Bag

Organic Basics Lounge Set

Nouare Sun Necklace

Paloma Wool Milton Trousers

Naguisa Bellver Boots

Everlane Oversized Knit

Filippa K Janet Trousers

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