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September favourites

September has started and autumn is around the corner. It’s time for chunky boots, oversized shirts, wrap sweaters and statement jewellery. Oversized, yet harmonious. Big, yet beautiful. Colourful, yet balanced. For these September favourites I draw inspiration from the fallen leaves, the soft sunlight, the subtle rain and the cosy feeling from watching nature change.

My wardrobe reflects my style very well. Comfortably oversized pieces are mixed and matched with stretchy tight fitting bodysuits and high waisted jeans and trousers. I don’t like things that are imbalanced and uncomfortable. You’ll never see me wearing stiletto heels or too tight pieces. Rather, I’ll pick chunky boots and stretchy jeans in which I can walk through nature and through town, without feeling burdened.

Does your wardrobe reflect your style and what you need in your daily life? If not, ask yourself what you’d like to change. Is it the amount of pieces? Is it too much or too less? Do you have enough clothes for your work? Does your clothes allow you to feel your best on your free days? Do you have clothes for long walks and easy reading sessions? These are things we need to consider when looking at what we have. And you don’t always need new items. Sometimes you just have to find new purpose for the things you already have.

I hope these September favourites will bring you the inspiration you need in order to create a wardrobe that truly reflects you and your needs.

Nouare Sanjay Ring

The Lingerist Mesh Bodysuit

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By Signe Alma High Neck Top

Baserange Fortuna Top

Everlane Straight Leg Chino

Miista Crimson Loafers

MaisonCléo Djamila Cardigan

Naguisa Abra Chunky Boots

Autumn continues, so don’t forget to check out the October favourites here.

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