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August favourites

Life can be colourful, but it can also be a little neutral and sometimes colourless. The items I’ve added onto the August favourites list are rather colourless, but they do contain some sort of differentness. Something that makes them unique, just as life is unique. When you want to read more about slow living, check this post out. But for now, let’s talk about fashion.

So concerning clothes, I love when they’re made of solid colours, where as solid white is one of my favourite things to wear. It’s so chic and effortless, something I really appreciate. For me looking good, isn’t so much in heavy coloured, glittery or glaziery clothes. Rather it’s the comfort and confidence one is able to show through an outfit, that totally fits your personality and personal style.

When I would describe my style in three words, I’d say: feminine, retro and comfort. I love things that drape around me and make me feel like a goddess. You probably have a different style, which is fully okay. It’s good to know what you like, so you will be able to reduce mispurchases. So think of three words that would describe your style. Is that comfor, or colourful? Or is it sporty, chic or bright? The three words will help you define your style.

The items below, all represent my style. They’re feminine and sexy, yet retro inspired and comfortable. I’d totally wear them, together, but also with the things I already own. And to finish everything, I’d add a red lipstick.

Be creative with your wardrobe and before adding something, think of at least 6 ways to wear the new item. Slow fashion is more than buying ethical clothes, is also using what you already have.

Let these August favourites be a source of inspiration, rather than a way to increase consumption.

SHAINA MOTE – Pisa Top in Salt

MaisonCléo – Anita top in Brown Muslin Silk

L’ETE FEMME – Couru Blouse in Moonless

By Signe – Tugba Blouse in Cream

Miista – Vivyan mules in Black & Brown

Everlane – Slip Dress in Black

Baserange – Apron Dress in Cream

Aeyde – Daisy Sandals in Gold

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