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What to wear in summer

Summer’s here and hot temperatures drive us towards sexy yet sustainable summer fashion. But how do you stay cool in summer & look fabulous in times where sweat is dripping from your body? I get hot very easily and I don’t want other people to see the sweat on my chest and back, nor to see dark wet spots under my armpits. That’s just awkward. And yes, I know, everyone’s sweating and having a hot time during summer, so it’s normal to look sweaty to some extend. Yet, there are some tricks to look at least a little fresh and to keep your head cool. Let me share the tricks I usually do and what to wear in summer.

What to wear in summer on hot days?

1. Materials to look for

Firstly, it’s important to focus on materials. I do this year round, but especially in summer it’s good to focus on the materials your clothes are made of.

One of the best materials to wear in summer is linen. It’s super breathable, flowy and fresh, as it will regulate your body temperature. In this blog post you can also read how sustainable linen is, which is also very important to me. The downside of linen is the creasing, so it’s more appropriate for non-formal activities. When you’re looking for ways to wear linen anyway, but want less creasing, try to look for linen mixes. Such as linen-cotton, linen-tencel or linen-silk. These fabrics are also very breathable, but guarantee also a little more smoothness.

Other materials that are good for summer are viscose (EcoVero), tencel, silk and organic cotton. At all times, stay away from polyester, acrylic and polyamide. This is literally just plastic and won’t help you stay cool on hot days.



organic cotton

2. Check out the fit

Secondly, when choosing the perfect summer outfit, it’s good to check the fit of an item. When you’re searching online, try to look for items that are a little looser, as this will be more breathable and therefore more comfortable to wear. If oversized clothings isn’t your thing so much, you can still look for loose items, that cinch you at the waist to create a more curvy look. Or you can add a belt yourself to recreate your body shape.

I really love oversized clothing, so my preference goes to a linen dress like this white one, which is loose but still has a curvy shape to it. The dress is from Onfootprint.

3. Pattern or plain fabric?

The biggest trick I use during summer, and all times when I can get sweaty and don’t want it to show, it looking at the color and pattern of the fabric.

Plain fabrics can be great for hiding sweat spots, yet they can also make them extra visible. White and black will stay the same color when getting wet, yet something like pale blue, orange or red, gets much darker when getting wet. This will then make your sweat spots very visible.

When you rather want to wear something with a pattern, look for items that have tiny to small patterns. For example, small flowers or dots; something that has a lot going on, as this will also hide sweat spots.

I hope these tips were helpful. In case you want to learn more about how to find your own style, please read one of my first blog posts here.

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