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July favourites

The inspiration for this July favourites list has a root in two things. Firstly, we’re in the middle of summer and the vacation season’s approaching for many of us. And yet secondly, for many of us, it’ll be a staycation this year. We feel the desire to dress up for all the great summer events we have planned and dreamt of. On the other hand, we also understand these will not be the same as imagined due to the current situation. Maybe, for some of us, it might even feel strange to dress up at all, as we will be staying in a lot.

As well as for me, I’m not planning on leaving The Netherlands this year, due to the world’s situation, as well as a personal one.

However, staying where you are, does not mean not dressing up for hot weather. For me it’s also a way to create a better atmosphere for myself. We still want to look chic and beachy, even though we might not see the beach this year. We want to feel good, even though there’s so much going on in the world right now.

It might feel superficial, but proven, clothes help to feel better and more confident.

So to get into these summer vibes, I’ve created this July favourites blog with the staycation in mind. It’s sexy and chic, but mostly comfortable too. As I love comfort. What about you?

Btw, have you seen the last favourites list which included many BIPOC and inclusive brands too?

Idee Fixe – Margot flats in Shiny Azure

Oh Seven Days – Monday Marwa blouse in Sage

Paloma Wool – Knitted set in Peach

Na Nin – Charlie Blazer in Cream

Everlane – Silk Blouse in Royal Blue Floral

Paloma Wool – Shiatsu dress in orange

Everlane – Linen blouse in Indigo

Filippa K – Janet Trousers in Ivory

L’ETE FEMME – Coda Maxi Dress in Rust

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