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Well, well, well… My feet really need proper shoes. I’ve made so many mistakes with shoes; when I was younger I hated the fact that I had ‘big feet’. This is ridiculous. I’m super tall (1.80), so what was I expecting? Shoe size 36? Anyways, I always bought a size smaller (40 instead of 41). Until I realised how bad this is for your feet and literally your whole body. So I replaced almost all my shoes with a size 41, which was a huge improvement. However, my feet are super super picky with shoes. So I’m always looking for things that are super stylish, but also super comfy and sustainable. And this combinations sometimes feels impossible to find. Where are all those ethical shoe brands?!

Where can one find stylish, comfortable and ethical shoe brands?

This is a never ending quest. Especially as I have the feeling sustainable and ethical shoes are hard to find anyways.

So these last weeks I’ve been diving deep, very deep, into where to find slow shoe brands, that make comfy and sexy shoes. I found a few, and I’m very excited to try them once I need new shoes. Let me share this list with you, so we can all start walking around in proper shoes. And if you already have an experience with one of these brands, please leave a comment with a review, so we know what to get. And if you have a brand to add, please reach out to me!

Ethical shoe brands:


Price: €€€
Style: Minimal, classy, modern metropolitan
Vegetable tanned leather
Handmade (to order) in Georgia


Price: €€
Style: Modern, colourful, bold
Vegetable tanned leather
Handmade (to order) in Buenos Aires, Argentina

About Arianne

Price: €€
Style: Retro, minimal, modern
Vegan and non-vegan
Handmade in Portugal

Lemon Rouge

Price: €
Style: Modern metropolitan, bright, colourful
Handcrafted in Spain

Collection & Co

Price: €
Style: Urban, sexy, robust
All vegan
Handmade in Greece


Price: €€€
Style: Luxurious, modern, sexy
Vegetable tanned leathers and eco satins
Made in Italy


Price: €€€
Style: Everyday chic, urban, robust
All vegan
Made in Spain


Price: €€€
Style: Different, classy, powerful
Vegetable tanned leather and vegan (apple) leather
Handmade in Italy


Price: €
Style: Bohemian, mainstream, easy
Vegetable tanned leather
Handcrafted in Mexico

Ray Musgo

Price: €
Style: Bright, colourful, classy
Vegetable tanned leather
Handmade in Spain

NAE Vegan Shoes

Price: €
Style: Bohemian, mainstream, easy
All vegan
Made in Portugal


Price: €
Style: Colourful, minimal, modern
Vegetable tanned leather
Made in Greece


Price: €
Style: Bohemian, mainstream, urban
Vegetable tanned leather
Made in Greece & France


Price: €
Style: Sneakers, urban, mainstream
Vegetable tanned leather & vegan options
Made in Brazil

Check out my Good Brands Directory for more sustainable and fair fashion brands.

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  1. Jenna says:

    Great post – I stumbled upon it at the perfect time, as I will be starting a new job soon! I love shopping secondhand for everything, but knew that there were ethical companies that I should try out too… Will definitely look at some of these!
    Jenna ♥ | Life of an Earth Muffin

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