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Why you should sign up for Slow Fashion Season

Two years ago I participated in the slow fashion season and I have to admit that it was the best challenge to try when you want to dive deeper in slow fashion. It has learnt me so much and I really had to chance to reflect on my wardrobe, my shopping habits and my thoughts around (fast) fashion. You can read my full experience in this blog post. Since that challenge, I’ve never shopped fast fashion ever again and it has not been a hard decision. So let me tell you a little about what the Slow Fashion Season is.


How SFS started

2018, the year I watched The True Cost, the year I decided to actually wear the items I already have instead of always buying new, the year I got into slow fashion. 2018, also the year that ‘Slow Fashion Summer’ took off. 2500 people committed to not buying anything new for three months. The only thing allowed to buy was second hand. But you were also allowed to swap clothes, borrow, or mend clothes with family and friends. I’ve attained my very first swap party that summer in Marburg, Germany. And in those three months, I didn’t buy a single fast fashion item. And afterwards I thought: this was so easy, lets continue.

Now in 2019, 10.000 people committed to be part of the Slow Fashion Season. They’ve changed the name in Season, because not everywhere on the planet it’s summer from 21-06 to 21-09.

This year we’re looking for 25.000 people to be part of the Slow Fashion Season.


Slow Fashion Season 2020

This year, however, the rules are slightly different. This time, we will still be trying to shop second hand, but we are also trying to make conscious decisions.

So what are conscious choices?

  • Avoid buying from fast fashion brands at all times
  • Trade, upcycle or DIY your own clothing
  • Buy second-hand and vintage
  • But also: support sustainable, local, small fashion labels who may be struggling due to COVID-19

Small and local brands are having a terrible time at the moment. Fast fashion brands can profit over people in countries with poor working conditions. Garment workers go unpaid, yet fast fashion brands have a huge buffer, to survive this crisis.

However, small and local brands don’t. Sustainable fashion brands are not trying to put profit over people nor nature, therefore they don’t have these high mark-ups and huge buffers. In this time, they really need our support to stay alive.

Why you should sign up for the Slow Fashion Season

Even though you already know all these things about fast fashion, even though you might already be making conscious choices. You still should sign up. With taking part in this challenge, you are sending out a sign to everyone in the industry. You’ll send a sign towards the small, sustainable and local brands, that you see them and you’ll support them. On the other hand, you’re sending out a sign towards fast fashion brands that they should reconsider their business methods big time.

I’ve already signed up for the Slow Fashion Season, will you join me?

Reasons why I signed up:

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