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June favourites

Oops, it’s the last day of June and I cannot procrastinate this month’s favourites blog post any longer. ??

I’ve been favouriting a lot of hot stuff last month. However, I just wasn’t able to add everything to a cohesive blog post. Yet here it is. And it’s better than ever before.

Let me start with a disclaimer. In the lasts few monthly favourites, I’ve included some brands that I no longer support. A few brands I used to be in love with turned out to be racist, gender normative, and just quite fucked up overall. I was very disappointed in how the ‘ethical’ and ‘sustainable’ fashion industry showed it’s true face during the last few weeks. But then a lovely follower reminded me to step back and let others talk for a while. And I did.

During this time off, I saw so many real, small, kind and ethical brands I didn’t know before. Therefore, in this blog post I will highlight the brands and items I’ve discovered during these latest times. Some of the brands are BIPOC owned. And if we really want to make a change in the world, we should also start voting with our money. In my good brands directory, you can find all brands that try to do better.

We have to demand better in politics, but we can also demand change in the industry by making conscious and inclusive decisions.

That being said, what’s your favourite in this list? Let me know in the comments or reach out to me via Instagram, when you have any brands or items to add. ❤️

Goldiie – Earrings handmade in The Netherlands

The Mie – Bali top

TOVE Studio – Thea top

Riot Swim – swimwear

Naguisa – Arnes sandals

Ajaie Alaie – Full Moon dress

Charlotte Stone – LENU shoes

EDAS store – Harolyn’s earrings

Shop Eye to Eye – Amelia top

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