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Get to know ‘Éternel Éphémère’

I don’t know about you, but this lockdown has made me wear loungewear even more than I did before. I’m barely leaving the house, so I’m barely dressing up. However, there’s something about dressing up that wants you to enjoy your day. And to me it starts with lingerie. When I wear beautiful lingerie, I instantly feel more confident. Besides that, I have the feeling my outfit will immediately look prettier, even though you probably won’t see the lingerie. But where do you find ethical yet sexy lingerie? Let us talk about Éternel Éphémère.

The first time I came across Éternel Éphémère was through our beloved social media platform, Instagram. Everything about this brand made me excited: the high end designs, the handmade to order precision and the love and effort that’s put into every product. I’ve kept dreaming about these beautiful lingerie pieces and I was eager to own one myself.

Now with this lockdown, it’s more important than ever, to support small businesses. Also we need to stay calm and strong, and to dress up helps to feel positive and confident. Therefore, it’s the perfect time to invest in some ethical and sexy lingerie, handmade to order in France. Let me introduce you to Éternel Éphémère, a brand founded by Manon, a fashion designer from Paris.

Let me introduce you to Éternel Éphémère!

What does Éternel Éphémère stand for?

Éternel Éphémère is a young high-end and ethical French lingerie brand based in Paris launched in December 2017. All the pieces are handmade to order by Manon, the designer. She uses traditional Calais lace and this lace has an extraordinary high quality.

Attention to detail and handmade artisanal precision, are the essential values of the brand. The dreamlike universe of the brand draws its inspiration from the wonders that Mother Nature offers us every day. Beyond inspiration, women, art and nature are the essence of the creations. Each collection aims to tell a story, a dream, an idyll.

The reason Manon started her brand

Manon launched Éternel Éphémère because after her fashion studies she didn’t wanted to work for big fashion companies. She didn’t recognise herself in this fast fashion world, where everything has to be more and faster for cheaper. Rather, she wanted to create something with sense. She wanted to bring beautiful and sustainable pieces, which are produced ethically and with great materials. With Éternel Éphémère she was able to establish a brand including all values she found important.

Let’s talk a little bit about sustainability

At first I’d like to stress the unsustainability behind fast fashion. Fast fashion is a synonym to cheap, low quality clothing with a fast production rate. There are multiple new collections every month and don’t produce limited pieces. This intensive mass production leads to enormous amounts of unsold goods. Which are often burnt, thrown away and ultimately end up in landfill. To produce more sustainably, one should only produce what will be bought.

Made do order brands do exactly this. This will stop overproduction and is therefore much more sustainable. Éternel Éphémère is such a made-to-order brand. Manon sews every order herself and uses only high quality materials. She carefully chooses materials that respect nature, humans and animals.

Where does Éternel Éphémère get their fabrics from?

Manon gets all her French Calais laces by only one supplier who is located in the Calais area. Lingerie needs to be elastic and comfortable to wear. Therefore the material cannot be 100% natural. Yet, Manon makes sure to only work with the best quality fabrics. She uses a polyamide fabric mixed with elastane, of which almost all elastics are OEKO-Tex certified. The bottoms of the briefs are made with cotton.

Manon’s tip to consume more ethically

Since Manon started her brand, she also consciously decided to consume more ethically. Her biggest advice is really simple: buy less – buy better. With this strategy, she was able to reduce her consumption radically and she feels much more happy as a result. She says: “I really think we don’t need thousand pieces, we only need a few beautiful and well made pieces.”

And that’s how I think about it too. We need to buy things that will last, that make us happy and that will fulfil our needs. As underwear is the first layer onto your skin, and it’s something you wear almost always, it’s important to invest into something ethical, non-toxic and beautiful.

In conclusion, Éternel Éphémère is that perfectly ethical and sexy lingerie piece you will enjoy wearing forever.

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