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April favourites

It’s time for some favourites again, and this time it’s the April favourites! During these times it’s even more important to support small businesses. We will be supporting someone’s living and someone’s dream. Please check out your local stores and restaurants to see how you can help them. Whether this is with buying a gift cards, a physical item or with promoting them on social media. Engage and spread the message. If you want your city to be as bright and interesting as before the lockdown, you have to help the small and ethical businesses. 🙂

Me as well, I’ll be supporting small businesses as much as I can and my budget allows me. It’s a hard time for all. I’m still searching for a job, and it makes it quite hard to find one like so. However, this doesn’t keep me from supporting and helping others. When we help others we also feel better about ourselves. Besides that, I can still draw inspiration from the slow fashion brands and stores that are out there.

So, what are your favourites this April? And how will you be supporting small businesses?

Mae Sue Square Neck Top
april favourites
Mary Jane Schoenenboetiek Miista Veronika Bottle cCap
Viva! Vintage Abstract print blouse
april favourites
Éternel Éphémère Naomi Bodysuit
april favourites
Mae Sue Ria Wrap Dress
april favourites
By Signe Knit Top

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