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Six second hand online shops I love

We’ve discussed this before, the sustainability aspects of shopping second hand. A couple of months ago I’ve even written an in-dept article about “Endless second hand shopping bad?“. Long story short: we cannot consume endlessly from all over the world, even second hand (due to transport pollution). But the bottomline was the same: second hand is always better than new. You can find vintage in second hand online shops as well as in store. There is already so much out there!

Buying second hand means we’re not creating more demand and therefore we’re not creating a full new supply chain. We make use of what’s already there. We prevent those items from ending up in landfill.

Therefore I’ve decided to wrap up six of my favourite second hand online shops in this blog post.

1. My slow world | SHOP

Obviously, I couldn’t not include the shop on On the shop page you will find second hand and vintage gems from natural materials. This is something really unique, because a lot of shops (new & second hand) sell a lot of polyester or other synthetic clothing. Synthetic fibers might be cheap and non-crinkly, however, the comfort of wearing these items is nihil. Therefore all items are of a natural origin, with just tiny bits of synthetic (such as elastane).
The My slow Shop sells unique, colourful, yet classic pieces that you’ll wear forever. The dreamy aesthetic will let you feel as if you’re walking through Mediterranean gardens. The shops is based in The Netherlands and ships everywhere in the European Union.

2. Velvet Thunder Vintage

This online store based in The Netherlands sells unique pieces, with a big focus on classic coats and blazers. Here you can find vintage from the 60’s/70’s/80’s/90’s and 00’s but also pre-loved clothing in good condition. The items are hand-picked with love and from all over the world. Nynke opened her second hand store, after she found out the devastating effects of fast fashion, whilst traveling through Australia. With her statement “Save the earth and buy vintage” she hopes to inspire other to buy preloved as well. Second hand is fashionable and easy, Velvet Thunder Vintage will show you.

3. Viva! Vintage

This colourful and artistic store has everything to be that vintage diva you’ve always wanted to be. Second hand doesn’t have to be boring or dirty. Viva! Vintage has the perfect fresh outfits for you. Whether you like the 60s/70s or 80s and later, there will be something for you. Besides that the shop offers a very detailed description to every piece, so you’ll be able to find the perfect fabric and fit. This shop has a strong and powerful aesthetic, dare to be you and dare to wear whatever you want.

4. Komorebi

This second hand store sells their items exclusively on Instagram. It is based in the Czech Republic and ships everywhere in Europe. Natalia started her shop not that long ago, however, she has showed her success already. Komorebi focusses on luxury materials such as silk, wool and cashmere. These materials combined with the classic fits/items allows everyone to find their next second hand staple piece. You have to think of wool Max Mara sweaters, long cotton trenchcoats and cashmere cardigans.

5. ItAlreadyExisted

The store name already suggests: it’s only selling second hand pieces, so there’s no need to buy new. The store is founded by Marie Dewet, also the founder of MaisonCléo, and she’s battling against fast fashion. Fast fashion causes so much harm towards humans, the earth and animals. ItAlreadyExisted shows you the aesthetics of vintage and second hand. Everything has a 90s inspired touch to it; sexy, daring and luxurious. The shop is France based, but ships worldwide. You can shop through private message on Instagram.

6. FineThee

I’ve written about FineThee before in my favourite Etsy shops blog, and I had to include them again. Mihaela, the founder of the store, sells unique vintage finds as well as handmade pieces. She really knows a lot about fabrics and what to look for in a garment. That’s why you’ll find only classic, yet and high quality pieces at FineThee. This store is based in Rumania, but ships worldwide. You can shop with them via Etsy.

What are your favourite second hand online shops to buy from?