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March favourites

Oops, it’s almost the end of march and I sort of forgot to make this list… Well, to be honest, I didn’t fully forget, but this month has just been crazy. A lot. I had to fix a lot of things in a very short time, for myself as well as some clients, so this list has been postponed. However, I’m happy to be sharing my March favourites.

As I’ve still been collecting sustainable fashion favourites. It’s still something I draw inspiration from, even though I might be busy. Hope you enjoy it! And in case you need more inspo, check out my February favourites. 🙂

Do you have any favourites this March? Is there anything you need to add to your wardrobe which you couldn’t find second hand? Or are you all good?

This list isn’t there to push you to buy things. Instead, it’s something to draw inspiration from. To see the many ethical fashion options that are out there.

march favourites
Everlane The Cotton-Linen Crew
Paloma Wool Piera Jacket
Everlane The Court Sneaker
Na Nin Mary Margaret Rayon Mesh Tunic
Filippa K Taylor White Jean
march favourites
Na Nin Naomi Raw Silk Relaxed Tee
march favourites
Everlane The Clean Silk Relaxed Shirt
march favourites
Paloma Wool Sambuca Jacket
march favourites
Paloma Wool Rozena Top
Kuyichi Sara Straight Rins

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