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6 things I did this weekend whilst staying inside

I hardly can hear nor say it anymore, but it’s on: Corona. I’m not here to spread panic or to do as if it’s nothing. Instead, I’m here to share the things I did this weekend to entertain myself whilst staying inside. And of which I think they might be helpful for you too.

1. Repair all clothes on that pile

In the back of your wardrobe, there’s probably a little (or big) pile of clothes that are not being worn due to some minor damages. Maybe it’s a cardigan with a missing button. Or it’s a blouse with a little hole at the armpit area. These are all things that are super easy to fix and don’t take a huge effort. Yet, it will make a big improvement on the individual items. I’ve fixed my vintage coat with a missing button, as well as a little rip in a skirt. Now they’re perfect again!

2. Clean your shoes

Today I’ve took all the black shoes out of my closet, as well as an old cloth, some shoe polish and wax spray. I’ve sat down in my living room with all the shoes around me, some music on and I’ve polished all my shoes. They’re looking as new again and I’m looking forward to wearing them in the next seasons!

3. Read a controversial book to distract your mind from every-day-reality

Well, I’ve written about my relationship with literature before, and maybe you remember that I love reading weird books. Books that blow your mind away and leave you with an awkward feeling. The last book I’ve recently read was “Lord of the Flies” by William Golding, which is about a group of primary school kids that crash on an isolated island. On the island, they try to survive and within the group a social structure starts to evolve. It’s a pretty disturbing story and topic, yet very well written. Yesterday I’ve started a new book: “Lolita” by Vladimir Nabokov. It’s about a middle-aged man with an obsession over Lolita, a 12 year old girl. As you might imagine, this book is very disturbing as well. It has been stated, that Lolita is one of the most controversial novels of the 20th century.

I love reading classic literature. Also: the more disturbing a book, the more I’ll be intrigued by it. I’ll forget everything around me and I’ll keep on reading.

4. Sort out your jewellery

My boyfriend always tells me what a mess my jewellery always is. He says I’ll loose everything when I don’t neatly put it in a box. For my birthday I received a jewellery box from my parents and when I then had a look at all my jewellery laying around, I think my boyfriend was having a point. So I’ve sorted out everything. Put rings with rings in the holder, bracelets and watches in a tiny drawer, and hang up all my necklaces. Now everything looks tidy and neatly and I won’t have trouble in the morning finding things I want to wear.

When you don’t have a jewellery box (yet), you can also make one yourself. Here’s an example in a DIY jewellery box from an old shoe box. Or watch this video for a more professional jewellery box. Get creative!

5. Make a walk through the park

From tonight onwards, we received the message that in The Netherlands all gyms, restaurants, coffeeshops, bars etcetera will be closed until April the 6th. In some countries this was already the case. Other countries took even more measures.
If you’re in a country where you’re still allowed to leave the house, you can make a walk through the park. Some fresh air will help you to stay calm and reduce stress, which is good for your immune system as well. Just remember to keep distant from other people, sneeze in a paper tissue and wash your hands when coming home.

6. Bake cookies

A little while ago, I’ve shared this recipe on Instagram. It’s a super easy recipe for vegan cookies. Also, you need just so little ingredients, that the chances are big you already have everything at home to make them. I’ve made them in several variations: with sprinkles, with dark chocolate, with cinnamon. Feel free to add anything you like! The process of baking these cookies will already cheer you up, but I’m sure the results even more. Now you have delicious home made cookies to eat whilst binge-watching Netflix.

Thanks for reading! I hope this gives some inspiration and I hope you’ll be able to enjoy – somehow – the time staying inside. Take care ❤️

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