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Sustainable work shoes (for lot’s of walking and standing)

Let’s talk about shoes! This is an interesting topic, as I love shoes. And this time around I’d like to talk about sustainable work shoes, especially for lots of walking.

I’ve tried many many different styles for their comfort. Since I was 16 and allowed to work, I’ve been working in coffee bars and restaurants. Something I really appreciate the restaurant business for, is the active and social working environment. Logically, it’s not a big deal for me, to stand on my feet all day. Actually I enjoy walking a lot. However, one thing is truly necessary; you need to have good shoes. Most importantly, if your shoes are not comfortable, your working day will be terrible. I’ve been there, with too small shoes, too narrow ones or ones that are totally worn out. Bad shoes are definitely not the best thing you can do for your feet, knees or actually your whole body.

But then the question is: which shoes are good? And which shoes are sustainable and good for work?

As mentioned before, I’ve tried many different ones; from Dr. Martens to Nike Air, to Veja. Some of them were sustainable or fair trade, some of them rather complete crap. On this blog I am focussing on good products. Not only good as in good quality but also well produced. So I will highlight only sustainable and fair trade shoes, because I truly believe you walk better on ethical shoes ;).

The following shoe brands I have tried myself, the exact models are the ones with a *.


Firstly I’ll introduce you to Veja, a fair trade and sustainable brand from France. These sneakers are relatively light to wear and have a sporty touch to it. At Veja you can find shoes for men and women.



Secondly, I’d like to mention Everlane. This is a US based brand that produces affordable fashion and shoes. I really like their shoes as they’re extremely comfortable. Even the Day Boot that has a slight heel is good for being on you feet all day.

EVERLANE The Day Boot*
EVERLANE The Rain Boot*
EVERLANE The Court Sneaker*


Miista is a London based women’s shoe brand that produces in Spain and Portugal. These shoes are rather stylish and extravagant than practical, but the quality is insanely good and therefore very comfortable. Also the styles with a heel are easy to walk in, but for the purpose of this article I will only highlight flats.

MIISTA Thea Black Leather Boots
MIISTA Alma Black Leather Flats

By Far

Up next is By Far, which is more of a high end fashion brand. I own a pair of sandals from them and they’re extremely comfortable. Therefore I’ll still include them in this article. However, you have to keep in mind that By Far is relatively expensive. So if you’re in the restaurant business as a dishwasher, these might not be that practical. For a host it’s probably better.

BY FAR Lara suede ankle boots

Bonus: SAYE

Lastly, just today, whilst writing this article I’ve discovered this new sneaker brand. Their models are super vintage inspired and I totally love that style. However, I’m not quite sure if they’re as comfortable as they look, so let me know when you’ve tried them!


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