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My favourite Etsy shops

Well, I have to admit that I didn’t trust Etsy at first. I didn’t know the website and everything was just looking a little sketchy. The Dutch translations were very weird and I didn’t understand the concept at all. However, the products (most of them, not all) were looking very good and promising. So I dove into this concept and came to realise its actually a very trustable platform for people/companies that make things theirselves. So a few months ago I gave it a try and ordered some shoes. I was impressed! Then I ordered much more, such a jewellery and trousers. That being said, I decided to wrap up my favourite Etsy shops in a list.

I hope this list serves as a little starting point in the Etsy jungle for you. It’s true that some Etsy shops just resell things they bought on AliExpress (a website I don’t like for multiple reasons). In this list I will only include shops that truly believe in quality, creativity and longevity and therefore share the same slow fashion values as I do.

What is Etsy? (Dutch)

Category SHOES

1. Kionas Sandals

This was the first order I’ve ever placed on Etsy and I was very satisfied with the result! I was looking for comfortable sandals, which could be a replacement for my 10 year old sandals that were hardly holding up. The sandals from Kionas are all handmade in Greece made from vegetable tanned leather. These sandals have been a great addition to my last year’s summer wardrobe. They survived sunshine, some rain and camping!

2. Mario Doni

This shops produces shoes and sandals all made in Italy. The leather is vegetable tanned and you can ask for any adjustments as well, as the shoes are made to order. Next time I think I will buy sandals from them 🙂

3. JustLeatherGR

Actually just yesterday I discovered this brand on Etsy. JustLeatherGR produces leather goods in Greece, something the brand name already suggests. Since I was looking for strappy, yet comfortable (as always) sandals, which don’t have a too high heel, I came across them. The shop owner Christina was very helpful and responded within minutes. I haven’t ordered yet, but I think I will this summer.

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1. Fine Thee

There’s never ever something wrong with handmade and vintage. Mihaela shares these values too and runs an Etsy shop selling high quality vintage and handmade pieces. She really knows a lot about fabrics and what to look for in a garment. That’s why you’ll find only classic, yet unique pieces at her shop. I’ve got a handmade pair of trousers and they’re my ultimate favourite. But I also love her vintage picks, like the red blouse below.

2. MollyShopBeads

This super cute Amsterdam based shop makes bold and high quality jewellery. When I placed my first order, I asked Molly, the shop owner, if she could add an extra bead to the pair of earrings, so I could change them up a bit. Since I received them, I’ve worn them so many times and they still get me compliments. They spice up every outfit.

3. D96P

Linen is one of my favourite fabrics, as it’s super light weight and comfy to wear. If you want to read more about linen, I suggest reading this blog post I’ve written (How sustainable is linen?). D96P produces only linen clothes, most of them handmade to order and everything comes from Lithuania. Their style is effortless, timeless and modern. I haven’t ordered anything yet, but once I did I’ll leave a review on this blog post.

4. SuckItUpButtercupUK

This UK based brand produces the cutest kids wear, accessories and lounge wear. I loooove their little romper for kids. How cute is that one? Also I was thinking of ordering one of the pearl hair clips, which I think are timeless and classy. The fabrics they use are all natural and organic.

Category PLANTS

1. AraceaeThomae

A good friend of mine is an ultimate plant lover and he really knows how to treat them well and let them grow. Also plants are really good to have in your house as they’ll freshen your air. If you’d like to add any new plants to your home, Thomas’ plants won’t disappoint you. 🙂

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I hope this was helpful! If I missed a store, please let me know. What are your favourite Etsy shops?

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