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February favourites

It’s February, so it’s time to make a new list of items I’ve been dreaming over this last month. These are my monthly favourites for February and some of them are still on the list from last month… That’s a good sign: it’s something I still really love so I can trust my style. However, I didn’t buy anything from the list, actually I didn’t buy anything at all, I’m still saving for the tall boots 😉

And maybe I’m never finished saving for the tall boots. We’ll see whenever it feels right to splurge this amount of money 😉

How long do you wait before you make a purchase? Do you sleep on it for nights, weeks, months? Or do you know immediately what will fit you, your wardrobe and your needs?

For me it can take literally months before I make a decision. Confession: I love online shopping. I put everything I like in my basket. Then I’m shocked by the amount of money and close the tab again. And this can continue for months, until the item’s sold out. 😂😂

Anyways, here are my February favourites!

Reformation wrap top
Filippa K knee high boots
Everlane classic shirt
Henriette von Gruenberg wrap top
Mirae Paris fluffy cardigan
By Far ankle boots
Filippa K classic trousers
Filippa K trench coat

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