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Sustainable Groningen map: slow fashion & vegan food

Are you looking for sustainable hotspots in Groningen, such as fair fashion stores or vegan restaurants? In this map you’ll find all these vegan food and slow fashion hotspots in Groningen. Which one is your favourite?

All the spots presented:

Vegan food & coffee in Groningen

€ = pretty cheap
€€ = averagely expensive
€€€ = expensive

Mahalo – €€ – This is a 100% vegan restaurant, offering breakfast an lunch. It’s a super cosy place to sit, especially in summer as it’s directly located near the park.

FLFL – €€€ – Slightly expensive, but very delicious falafel wraps. It’s the guilty pleasure on a busy day.

Black & Bloom – €€ – Very good coffees, roasted by the man himself, to guarantee absolute quality.

Feel Good – €€€ – This is a vegan/vegetarian restaurant, only serving healthy food. You have to try their breakfast deal during the weekend, where you can get a smoothie, an energiser shot, a coffee or tea and a breakfast dish only for 15€. It’s so good!

Lust – € – Vegan/vegetarian restaurant with daily dishes, vegan hot chocolate and cakes. Besides the food, they organise many different events every week, such as yoga nights and knitting clubs.

Spaak Koffie en Koers – € – Americanos, oat milk cappuccinos, soy iced coffees and bikes. If you like cycling, this place is for you!

Sama Stads Koffiebranderij – € – Get your freshly roasted coffee beans here. They have many different types of coffee, also rain forest alliance certified, organic and fair trade.

Food Matterz – € – Cosy and modern lunchroom that serves the best vegan yogurts with fresh fruits.

Kattencafé Op z’n Kop – €€ – This is a cafe with very special guests: cats. Make sure to place a reservation, as it can be fully booked quickly. Many vegan options can be found here either!

Smaakaron – € – Who doesn’t love the little french bites? You’ll find vegan macarons here! My boyfriend once bought them for me and they’re sooo good.

Thai Jasmine – € – I can’t tell enough people about this place. I think it serves the best Thai food I’ve ever eaten. Everything is freshly prepared and it tastes beyond amazing. Many vegan option too!

Wadapartja – €€ – Hipster coffee bar with vegan brownies and vegan burgers. You can come here for either lunch or coffee. In the summer it’s nice to sit outside.

TOET – €€ – This place has two location. One where you’ll find the best vegan pancakes in Groningen and one with more then a dozen different cakes.

Kult – € – I’m getting hungry only by thinking of this place. It’s one of the best restaurants I’ve eaten. Not because it’s fancy or whatsoever, but because it’s super low key, with many speciality beers, and vegan food. I loooove their vegan nut fondue.

Griekse Taverna Doris – €€ – This Greek restaurant has almost everything also in a vegan option. I love it!

Pure Groningen – € – Coffee bar where you’ll find loads of sweets, including vegan cookies.

Broodje Van Eigen Deeg – €€ – This is a bakery that makes you feel in like in France. Their bread is just so good. When it’s sunny you can get a bread to go and sit at the canal nearby.

Mr. Dam – € – I love these bahn mis! It’s the perfect snack for on the go or as a guilty pleasure during the weekend.

La Ca Vietnamese Streetfood – € – Super delicious Vietnamese food with many vegan options. I love their noodle soups!

Pernikkel – € – This restaurant and lunchrooms serves fresh meals every day. I love the vegan burger!

Friet van Piet – € – This snack bar has so many organic, vegetarian and vegan options. They even have a vegan kapsalon, very very Dutch, but worth a try.

Rima Tofu – € – This Indonesian place has all food to go, so it’s perfect for those lazy Sundays, where you don’t feel like cooking. And they have so many vegan options. I always take the vegetarian (vegan) menu with white rice, tempeh, sambal buncis, belgian sprouts and other seasonal vegetables. This menu is more than enough for two.

De Kleine Moghul – € – This tiny restaurant also serves everything to go. You’ll eat the best Indian food from Groningen here.

Rå salatbar – € – This fully vegan saladbar offers high quality healthy dishes.

De Olijfboom – € – I absolutely love this restaurant. It offers amazing Greek dishes and everything tastes so so good – at least all their vegan options 😉

Coffee Break – € – In this not fully vegan restaurant, they still understood they can make an impact. For example, if you don’t ask for cow milk, they will just serve you oat milk in your coffee.

Bla Bla – €€ – This is the first restaurant in Groningen that was fully vegetarian. How cool is that!

Cho Fah – €€€ – My favourite Thai restaurant of all times. I love their fresh chili garlic stir fry, veggie spring rolls and sticky mango rice. Absolutely a must to go to if you love Thai food!

Slow fashion in Groningen

€ = pretty cheap
€€ = averagely expensive
€€€ = expensive

Stardust – € – This store has new and vintage items. The new items are not fair or sustainable, but second hand is always a better choice anyway.

Zich Zach – € – This store sells vintage and new as well, and the new items are also mostly fair and sustainable. It’s the best combination you can get!

KOKOTOKO – €€€ – This store sells only fair and sustainable items. You can shop here fully guilt-free.

Appel & Ei – €€ – Bring your clothes here so they can find a new home. Or buy some preloved items for a good price.

Mary Jane Schoenenboetiek – €€€ – Shoes made in Europe in a fair and mostly sustainable way. The shoes here are ultimate perfection. You’ll find brands such as Miista and Pertini.

ReShare STORE – € – You can donate old clothes here and it’s being resold for charity. You can find second hand as well as vintage beauties here.

Vintage Island – €€ – Vintage from the 90s, 80s and beyond; you’ll probably find your new gem here.

Mamamini – € – A charity shop that has many stores throughout the city. I love the one in Helpman the most, as it’s the biggest. However, you do need to take your time here, as it also sells lots of trash. But when you do take your time, you’ll find the best things for hardly anything. Think about 2€ for a shirt and 4€ for a sweater.

Artishock – €€€ – This store is mostly for some older women, however, you also find brands for everyone, such as Filippa K.

GoudGoed – € – This charity shop is one of the biggest in Groningen. You can find furniture as well as second hand and vintage clothes here. Everything is just a couple of euros.

2ndCloset – €€ – Also at this store you can bring your clothes to be resold. You’ll receive a little bit of the profits made. Or find new beauties here from all kind of brands.

Elan – € – I love this tiny and cute store. It sells unique silver and gold jewellery, fairly made in small factories. I own several earrings, rings and necklace hangers from Elan.

LiAtelier – €€ – A store full of sterling silver rings and gem stones, all made ethically.

Onder de Linde – €€ – Everything here is super unique and high quality. You can spice up your wardrobe with vintage gems bough here.

Find – €€ – Another resell store, where you can buy preloved items brought in by people from Groningen.

Vanilia – €€€ – An ethical business outfit can be bought here. These items are true staple pieces with a modern twist. Vanilia is produces everything in their own atelier.

Vintage KROY – €€ – This is a small vintage store when you can find beautiful pieces when taking time to look around.

Recessie – € – This is one of the most well-known vintage stores in Groningen. Very affordable and a great variety of vintage clothes.

Beauties Groningen – € – When you’re looking for a small business focusing on natural beauty in Groningen, this one is for you. They have amazing make-up and skin care products, also for men!

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