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January favourites

Because I’m always dreaming over sustainable items, I decided to make a list every month with the items that have intrigued me the most. It also helps to keep track of my personal style. So here are my January favourites.

All items are quite classy, comfortable and timeless. When I describe my style I usually think of three words: feminine, retro and comfortable. My clothes need to be flowy, warm, soft and enjoyable. I also like to wear colours, but the colours need to be harmonious and soft too. For example soft greens, pale blues, classic reds and deep purple. Combined with white and beige, this gives me the soft and feminine vibe I’m going for.

Do you like to wear colours? And which colours do you like to wear? Warm or cold ones? And how would you describe your style?

Getting to know what you really like, helps to make less shopping mistakes and create a wardrobe that represents you and your needs.

Here are some examples I like to wear. They’re once again in the colour spectrum with beige, blue, white and black.

My January favourites

Filippa K boots
Everlane jeans
Everlane heels
Na Nin wrap skirt
Reformation top
Filippa K silk tee
Cossac dress
Filippa K blouse