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Amaranthine skincare face mask review

In this Amaranthine skincare review I’d like to talk a little about the rejuvenating face mask, how I use it and what it does to my skin.

I’m a very lazy beauty lover

So even though I like beauty and fashion, I’m mostly into beauty and fashion with the least effort and the biggest result. To me less is definitely more. I don’t want to spend hours and hours every day to get ready. I don’t want to have a super long ritual, that I have to finish before being able to leave the house. In this regard, I have to admit I’m pretty lazy. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t care about how I look.

My skincare routine is quite simple, yet it’s also more than just washing my face with water. I cleanse my face and neck every morning and evening, I use a touch of natural make-up every other day and I drink lots of water, which is not so much part of the routine itself, but still very important.

So a few months ago I’ve written a blog post on how I cleanse and hydrate my skin every evening and every morning. You can read the full description in this Amaranthine skincare review. Summarised I just use 2 products on a daily basis: 1. the Amaranthine cleansing balm and 2. Amaranthine facial oil.

However, on a weekly basis, I’ve added the Rejuvenating face mask to my routine.

My skin type could be best described as very dry with some impurities and redness on the cheeks. I do not have acne, but I do have some milia and sometimes pimples will pop up.

My full Amaranthine skincare review

How to use the Rejuvenating face mask

This face mask comes in a glass jar, which can be reused over and over again. Amaranthine sells refill packages for all the face masks. This is much more sustainable and also a little cheaper in the long run.

It comes as a powder, that will be changed into a face mask once water is added. You take a little bowl, one big tea spoon of the face mask and one tea spoon of water. Then you stir and mix everything together, until it’s a smooth paste. This takes less than a minute, so it’s super super easy.

Before putting it on my face, I first cleanse my skin with the cleansing balm and a reusable cloth. I keep my skin damp wet and use my fingers to directly put the face mask on my skin. You have to let it sit for approximately 15 minutes. However, I always forget the time and remove everything after it’s been fully dried. You can remove the face mask with a wet cloth or just with water. Afterwards I put on some of the facial oil to finish my routine.

I’m trying to live a more mindful life, so I’ll do this little routine every Sunday. I want to create a slow moment for me. Whilst having on the face mask, I also try to just sit and do a little mindfulness exercise. I believe you can tackle all the toxins from the outside, but if you’re still feeding your body with stress from the inside, it won’t help. An unclear skin comes often not only from external factors, but also from hormones in the body, such as stress. I’m not a nutritionist, but when you need more in debt knowledge about hormones, I recommend checking out Autumn Bates videos on YouTube.

My opinion on the face mask

Before trying the Rejuvenating face mask, I’ve been using the Detox face mask once in a while. As I do have some impurities on the cheeks, I thought this face mask with matcha and green clay would be perfect. It does do it’s work, and the impurities/pimples disappear, however, for my very dry skin it’s a little too harsh. My sister has a more oily skin with minor signs of acne and for her it works so good. For me on the other hand, I need a softer face mask. The Rejuvenating face mask is with hibiscus and rose and for my skin type it’s perfect. After using the face mask, my skin feels so hydrated and soft. Using the facial oil afterwards is enough to keep my skin moisturised. After using the Detox mask I had to use a much thicker cream. The Detox mask dried out my skin pretty much, but this one is perfect.

I do notice a difference in my skin. It’s not so much that you can really see it on the photo, so I won’t upload it here, but I noticed that my skin is much more moisturised throughout the week. I don’t need to add thick creams in my routine, when I use the face mask on a weekly basis.

My recommendation for you

Every skin is different and it’s a whole journey to find out what works best for you. I think the Amaranthine cleansing balm and the Amaranthine facial oil will work for everyone. For the face mask you can try several to see which one you like the most. The Rejuvenating face mask will probably work with most skin types. However, I can image that if you have oily skin, you’d rather want to use the Detox mask on a weekly basis. From all the products I’ve used throughout my life, which have been quite a lot, Amaranthine has worked the best so far. The best thing is that it’s organic and also a more sustainable option than the ones from a usual drug store.

Let me know when you’ve tried Amaranthine! I’m sure you won’t regret it 🙂

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