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Slow fashion party outfits: wear it more than once

Fast fashion tries to make you impulsively buy things you don’t need. Im here to tell you to invest in quality pieces, also for the festive time of the year. So this blog post is about slow fashion party outfits to wear more than once.

Why invest in slow fashion also for party outfits

So, you might have seen this as well. Stupid advertisements saying to buy that silver glitter dress with a feathered hem and corduroy back. Or the golden cocoon dress with seams on the wrong places, to make it look “festive”. In other words: complete trash you’ll only wear once. But isn’t that a perfect example for fast fashion? Trying to sell you loads of shitty clothes you don’t need and won’t wear? I believe yes.

And because I hate fast fashion, and love the environment and my wallet, I rather invest in something really nice. A dress I can wear to at least five more occasions every year for the upcoming decades. Or a jumpsuit, that will suit colder and warmer seasons. Or blouses that can be dressed up or down. And because I choose to spend my dear money on something I can wear in multiple ways and on multiple occasions, I will save the extra euros for something even nicer: dinner with friends or a fancy breakfast with my bf. Because, food is everything. Just kidding. But I have to say, I think it’s more wise to invest in something really beautiful, than some stupid trend that doesn’t represent your personal style.

Fast fashion and personal style

The thing is, fast fashion doesn’t represent any personal style. Fast fashion is designed to look ugly after a few wear. This might come from bad fabric choices, that’ll wear out quickly, or the design is so odd, that it’ll be not trendy or cool after a month, week or even less. But then, what is personal style? Personal style reflects your needs of expression and practicality. In other words: what fits do you like? What colours do you love to wear? What fabrics suit you best. I’ve written two posts (this and this one) that contain some tips on how to find pieces of clothing that fit your needs. If you would like to dive in this topic more deeply, I highly recommend considering the style course I provide. More information can be found here.

Anyways, this blog is not so much on finding your personal style, but more on not buying fast fashion dresses this upcoming holiday season. No one needs a 19€ dress from C&A made out of aluminium foil. No one. Not even for that price. Believe me.

So let’s talk about festive outfits that you can wear all year round.

Festive outfits for many occasions

On festive days, most people like to dress up and wear something they don’t wear on a daily basis. Something different and unique, that will make them feel special. At least, that’s what I love to wear to festive occasions.

So I’ve created a lookbook, with dresses, jumpsuits, power suits and blouses, that will make you look and feel special whole year round. Sounds great right?!

Filippa K

  1. Kimono Sleeved Dress
  2. Classic Silk Shirt
  3. Emma Cropped Trousers

Na Nin

  1. Bobbie Wrap Skirt
  2. Layla Wrap Dress/Coat


  1. Vegan Silky Slip Dress
  2. Black Sleeveless Jumpsuit


  1. Power Suit Pants and Blazer in Pink
  2. Jumpsuit in Beige Linen


  1. Burgundy Suit: Blazer and Trousers
  2. Silk Dress in Rose and Beige
  3. Cotton dress in Orange


  1. Twisted Shirt Dress
  2. Silk Tie Dress


Let me shortly recap what my opinion is on slow fashion party outfits.

Firstly, it has to represent you and your personal style. Don’t buy things because “everyone has them” or because “they’re on sale”. Rather buy something because it’s something you’ll wear over and over again.

Secondly, it should be something that can suit more seasons and more occasions. Think of ways how you can dress up or dress down the item. How can you make something work in winter? Buy something that will look good with tights as well as a sweater, or sandals in summer.

And lastly, it’s better to invest in high quality materials such as silk, fine merino wool, organic cotton or tencel, as it’ll last you a lifetime and looks super classy.

I hope this helps!

-x Alexandra

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