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Sustainable Berlin map: slow fashion & vegan food

Vegan food & slow fashion

This map has collected all vegan food and slow fashion hotspots in Berlin. Made by

All the spots presented:

Vegan food & coffee

€ = pretty cheap
€€ = averagely expensive
€€€ = expensive

Viasko – There’s a vegan brunch buffet every Saturday and Sunday. Definitely a must try, as everything is vegan and delicious. You can book a table here, and it’s useful to make a reservation, as it is always very busy.

ZAZZA Kaffeerösterei & ZAZZA Kaffeehaus – I’m in love with their self roasted coffee, homemade cakes and delicious breakfast. The second hand & vintage interior is also quite impressive.

KAFFEEMITTE€€ – They serve great coffee and have amazing (vegan) cakes. Besides that, it’s closely located to many vintage stores.

Cafe Neue Liebe€€ – Directly in Prenzlauer Berg you can find this vegan and vegetarian restaurant. You should try the vegan croissants!

Markthalle Neun – In this food hall you can find many different stands. I’ve only tried the vegan tofu burgers from Tofu Tussis, but they are great. You can also pick the color of your bun: black, pink or yellow.

Tribeca Ice Cream€€€ – This ice cream is expensive, but also worth a try! If you like creamy ice creams, but also want them vegan, you can get them here. Everything is made in the tiny store and they have impressive tastes; I’ve tried black sesame and blue coconut.

Hum vegan cuisine – Here you can find delicious vegan Vietnamese food. I’ve eaten here three times in a row… The soups are amazing!

H&D Chay – At H&D Chay you can enjoy great vegan food, whilst being in the near many hotspots in Kreuzberg. They also serve crispy duck! But no animals were harmed in the making of this food 😉 I’ve written about Hum in this blog post.

La Stella Nera – I love this place so much!! I’ve written about it in this post, where I also recommend you to try the calzone pizza with homemade (vegan) cheese. You might want to leave a reservation, as it can be crowded.

Steel Vintage Bikes Café €€ – Vegan croissants and vintage bikes, do I need to say more?

Knofi Feinkost – I have an eastern European background, so I might be not that objective, but this is the best food in Berlin. I think you will agree, but you have to love garlic, as everything is made with it. 😉

Huong Que – Vietnamese food and a lot of vegan options, so be prepared to overeat!

Umami – This Asian restaurant has two locations: one in Prenzlauer Berg and one in Kreuzberg.

Barcomi’s KaffeeröstereiI love coffee, especially when it’s roasted by hand in small batches, so high quality is guaranteed. This coffee bar and roastery is super cute!

grüngut€€ – This is an extremely tiny vegan and vegetarian restaurant, but it’s the perfect place to get healthy homemade food.

Lia’s Kitchen – 100% Vegan – Definitely the best burgers I’ve ever eaten. You have to try the chicken burger with homemade feta cheese. It was so delicious that I forgot to take a picture.

Brammibal’s Donuts€€ – At Brammibal everything is vegan and extremely delicious. It’s not super healthy, but I’ve definitely enjoyed my four donuts and two bagels! Have you ever tried vegan donuts?

Spreegold Store Ros 02€€ – At this place I’ve drank my very first matcha latte (vegan), and it has convinced me! They also serve vegan pancakes and cakes, but you can get almost anything you like, even pasta.

Swing Kitchen – I’ve tried the vegan cheeseburger here and I highly recommend!

Monsieur Vuong – Yes, another Vietnamese restaurant… Still super delicious!

Emma Pea€€ – This is the only spot I wasn’t able to try yet, but it’s definitely on the list for next time. It’s a vegan Mexican fusion restaurant!

1990 Vegan living – If you want to eat asian tapas, you’re at the right address. It’s the perfect place to get all different small dishes and share it with someone.

Firstcrack Coffee Roasters & Cafe Pakolat – Coffee and breakfast: my two favourite things in life and they have it here. Many vegan options, delicious coffee and beautiful cakes; it’s definitely worth a visit when in Prenzlauer Berg.

Slow fashion

€ = pretty cheap
€€ = averagely expensive
€€€ = expensive

Wertvoll – Fair Fashion Store€€ – This slow fashion store sells many products in different price ranges. You can find affordable Veja shoes, as well as more high and dresses from Les Racines Du Ciel.

Moeon sustainable clothing€€ – I love this store! It’s near to ZAZZA, the coffee bar, and has a perfect location. Besides that, they sell extremely pretty and elegant sustainable clothing, from brands such as Diarte, but also their own Moeon Studio. The style is a mix between classics and urban.

Oxfam Shop Berlin Kreuzberg – This second hand shops sells clothes but also other goods. The profit goes to Oxfam Novib.

LOVECO – Vegan Shoes and Fashion€€ – This vegan fair fashion store has three shops throughout the city. You can find everything you need for a cruelty free outfit.

Flohmarkt Marheinekeplatz – Every Sunday you can find the flea market at the Marheinekeplatz. It’s super cheap and super cosy and you will probably find some gems here.

PICKNWEIGHT – VINTAGE KILO STORE – Pick ‘n Weight has stores throughout whole Germany. It’s a vintage shop where the prices are set according to weight – obviously. It’s pretty messy in these stores, but with patience you’ll find something you like.

HUMANA Secondhand & Vintage – Humana is a typical second hand store: super cheap, super messy and with a lot of trash. However, if you are patient enough to go through all the racks, you will find hidden treasures.

Ofelia€€€ – I like this stores as the collection is mostly fair and sustainable, but also super extravagant and beautiful. You can find unique pieces that will boost your whole wardrobe. The price range is although pretty expensive…

A slow fashion and vegan food Berlin map for an amazing experience

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