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My daily beauty routine: Amaranthine Beauty

Today I’d like to review two of my favourite products by Amaranthine Beauty. They have been a huge win for my skin and here’s why.

How I got to try Amaranthine’s products.

As some of you might have noticed on Instagram, I’ve struggled with a dry skin for a very long time. Ever since I can remember, even as a child, I always had to use cremes after a shower, as it was super dry.

I’ve tried so many things: from cheap drug store products, to high end ones, to all natural. Since a few years I only use organic skin care, as I started to realise how the cheap drug store products were affecting my skin, hair and health.

Since I’ve started using the natural and organic products I’m doing now, my skin has improved tremendously. I’m only using two products on a day to day basis and it’s perfect.

The Amaranthine Beauty products

Cleansing Balm

As I mentioned before, I only use two products in my daily facial beauty routine. The first product I use is a cleansing balm, which you can find here: Amaranthine Cleansing Balm. Every morning and evening , by gently massaging is onto dry or damp skin, in a circular movement, to assure an evenly distribution. I do not wear a lot of make-up, but when I do, I also use this cleansing balm to remove it. You can just massage it onto your eyes and everywhere you had make-up on. At first you’ll look like a panda, but this is where the reusable pads come in.

Facial Oil

After massaging the balm onto my skin, I take a reusable pad, you could also take a cloth, make it wet under hand-hot water and use this to remove the product as well as the dirt. I usually wash the pad two or three times, but do whatever feels right, just make sure to remove all the product. Afterwards I don’t dry my skin, but put on the Amaranthine Facial Oil. This is the second product I use. It smoothens my skin perfectly, my dry and red spots fully disappeared, as well as my acne on my cheeks.

I now also started using their face masks, which I reviewed here.

Why Amaranthine Beauty?

Amaranthine is a brand from Schotland and everything is handmade by Sarah, the owner of Amaranthine. She only uses ingredients are top quality, such as cold pressed oils instead of refined oils, that are cheap. Refined oils are often used in cheap drugstore products. Cold pressed oils are raw and still have all the vitamins and nutrients that they are supposed to have. The essential oils Sarah uses in the products are top quality too, as they are from a distillery in France. This makes them a bit more expensive, but it’s the only way to know they are pure. This is also the reason why the products smell so good. They are all made without hyperprocessed perfumes.

As I mentioned before, Sarah makes everything herself. The products are made in small batches, compared to large companies that make thousands of products at one time. Creating products in large batches assures a cheap production, but also makes it more mechanically.

The most important difference to a drug store product is the absence of water. The products contain no water at all. Water is a cheap ingredient , obviously. So for example, if you look at the ingredient list on most cheap drugstore products ‘aqua’ is the first ingredient meaning the product is mostly water. The Shea Butter that they might say it contains, is way down the bottom of the list which means there is only a tiny amount. Amaranthine products contain no water or fillers and are so they are concentrated and full of just great ingredients. Concentrated products will last you longer as you just need a very tiny amount of the product.

Can you refill the jars?

Well, the refill thing is a little tricky. The products are water-free so they do not require preservatives. This is great as preservatives can sometimes cause irritation. However, by law they are required if a product contains water. So, if a customer washes out their bottle and asks for it to be refilled, even if there was a tiny drop of water it might let bacteria grow in the product. The EU laws for selling cosmetics are very strict. 

As the bottles and jars are glass, they are totally recyclable. However, Sarah is thinking of adding a free aluminium cap with your face oil so that when the product has finished customers can use it for something else. What do you think of this option? Let me know in the comments, or let me or Sarah know by e-mail.

E-mail Sarah

E-mail Alexandra

I hope this review was useful. Please let me or let us know when you have any questions.


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