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Berlin summer outfits

It might be clear already: I love Berlin and I love fashion. So hereby I’ll share my latest summer outfits of the Berlin Sustainable Fashion Hub.

Day 1

On day 1 I’ve worn a green outfit. The top is made of linen, which is super comfortable for the heat. Some items I’ve got via the Honest Department, but some are second hand, just like the bag.

Top: Risa Crop Top in Pistachio by Honest Department.

Shorts: Cascais Shorts in Khaki.

Bag: Second hand, but Everlane offers a pretty alternative: the foldover crossbody.

Sunglasses: Mina in Black.

Sandals: super super old, but I like these ones from Klow as an alternative.

Day 2

This Sunday was extremely hot, so I went for an old outfit. All the items are at least 4 years old, sadly from fast fashion brands, but I will add an alternative for you. The most sustainable thing to do, is wearing that you have. So don’t be shy to wear fast fashion golden oldies. 🙂

Top: Reformation alternative.

Shorts: Everlane alternative.

Day 3

On day three it was sightly colder, so I went for trousers and the same top, that I’ve exchanged later for the white tee.

Top: Risa Crop Top in Pistachio and White Tee from Hess Natur.

Trousers: Vintage from Onder De Linde, but here is an alternative from Everlane, and one from Reformation.

Day 4

This was the first day of Neonyt, and I decided to wear a silky blouse and jeans. It was not too warm outside, so it was great for flowy blouses. I like to unbutton it quite much, so you can see some nice bralettes peeking out. At the end of the day I’ve exchanged my heels for sandals.

Top: vintage from Onder De Linde again, but Everlane has many great alternatives, like this oversized blouse or this more fitted one.

Bra: Tencel Bralette by Organic Basics.

Jeans: vintage Levi’s 501, find yours online at your national platform. Second hand online stores can be found in this blog post.

Sandals: Miista Slingbacks and old sandals.

Day 5

This day I was feeling very low, so I decided to wear my happy t-shirt. It says: ‘No rain, no flowers’. It’s okay to feel down sometimes! Just take a break and listen to your body.
Later that day, as it started getting colder, I’ve exchanged the blazer for a vintage cardigan.

Top: White Tee from Mae Sue.

Blazer: Vintage, but this one is similar.

Cardigan: Vintage, you can find similar ones on Imparfaite Paris.

Day 6

On day 6 we had to travel back to The Netherlands, however, we had time to make a quick stop at Neonyt. Because I wanted people to remember me, I’ve worn a lime green jumpsuit from the Honest Department.

Jumpsuit: Ludmilla Bamboo Buckle Detail Jumpsuit

These were all my Berlin summer outfits! I’m thinking of making a summer guide on what to wear with hot weather. Let me know in the comments if this is something you’d like to see!


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