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Berlin Diary: Day 6

It’s already our last day in Berlin. It’s been such a great time and I cannot wait to be here again. But first, I’ll take you with me on our last day in this last Berlin diary post.

Breakfast at ZAZZA

I’ve written so much about this super cute coffee bar. It’s my favourite place for coffee in Berlin and therefore I wanted to have our last breakfast here. We drank some cappuccinos, ate some vegan yoghurt bowls and a croissant, as everyone is sometimes a sinner. 😉

Last stop at Neonyt

Because we haven’t been to Neonyt the day before, we went there for the last time. It was just a quick stroll, however, we were able to meet very kind new people, and I cannot wait to write about them more.

Night at the Museum

No not really, it was the middle of the day. But we went to the Museum für Naturkunde, which was a very relaxing way to spend the afternoon. We’ve seen beautiful gem stones, as well as Tristan, the dinosaur.

Prenzlauer Berg

The museum was good, we filled our brains with new information, however, our stomachs were still empty, so we decided to get some food in the Prenzlauer Berg area. We found a vegan burger bar, Lia’s Kitchen, where we had the most amazing burgers ever. We both ordered the vegan chicken cheeseburger, with homemade vegan feta cheese and seitan. This was SO GOOD. The food was gone before we made a picture… I highly recommend going here!

Goodbye coffee

As I always love to eat dessert after a meal, we went to Cafe Neue Liebe, a place I’ve written about in this blog. I had a vegan iced chocolate and an espresso.

Going home with Flixbus

After our coffee, we had to head to the central bus station, so we could get our bus back home. We didn’t want to leave yet, but the tickets were booked and we had appointments for the next day. Unconsciously we really didn’t want to leave, so we took the wrong metro to the central bus station. Suddenly we were in the middle of nowhere and we had to hurry to make it in time. Luckily we did and we found the right bus. Our trip could begin.

I hadn’t thought much about my outfit, so I was wearing a jumpsuit. Well I can tell you, this is the stupidest thing you can do whilst traveling with public transport. You don’t want to get undressed in tiny bus toilets… So I haven’t gone to the toilet all travel long. It was quite intense.

We arrived home safely. In the next and last post in this Berlin diary series I will show you my ‘Berlin fashion week outfits‘. Stay tuned!

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