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Berlin Diary: Day 5

This Wednesday I was still feeling very tired from the first day of Neonyt. As I always tell others to slow down, I decided to listen to myself too. I decided to take the day off and enjoy my time with my boyfriend. Join our day through this Berlin diary of day 5!

Breakfast at Brammibal’s Donuts

We slept until 10, and then walked slowly to Brammibal’s Donuts, a place I’ve been in love with ever since. This place serves only vegan donuts and bagels, which is heaven to me. I was in charge of our order, something Bart regretted afterwards, as I decided to order two coffees, two ‘smoked salmon’ bagels, and four donuts. It was a lot. And it was intense. But men, it was DE-LI-CIOUS.

Vintage strolling

After our intense breakfast, we decided to stroll around the city and visit some second hand shops. This is where I’ve bought a red cardigan and some sling back sandals. My favourite second hand shop is HUMANA, all their shops can be found here.

Slow evening

As this day was a super slow one, we decided to head home after our stroll. We just took the night off, brought some chocolate and beer to our hostel and just watched movies. I really enjoyed doing nothing and it was good to remember you do not always have to be everywhere. It’s okay to do nothing. Don’t fear to miss anything, just listen to your body.

berlin diary

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