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Berlin Diary: Day 4

On day four of this Berlin diary, Ill take you with to to Neonyt.

This day was focussed on,the sustainable fashion hub, Neonyt, where slow fashion initiatives and like minded people gather to share ideas. Besides that, slow fashion brands have the opportunity to show their new summer collection for 2020. Shops can visit Neonyt to see what they should or could buy for the next season.

The reason I wanted to visit Berlin was Neonyt actually. I was here last year with Linda from Mae Sue, an online fashion store where you can find responsible must haves for your closet. This year I was with my boyfriend, but I knew people who visited Neonyt too. Like Kim from @kimgoeseko and Lea from The Alleah and Lieve from Mary Jane Schoenenboetiek.

Breakfast blogger date

In the morning me, my boyfriend, Lea and a friend of hers gathered in a local breakfast bar, to start the day with a coffee. This little restaurant is close to Kraftwerk and they serve highly delicious food and coffee, so I definitely recommend this place. It’s called Grüngut.

I hadn’t seen Lea since the last edition of Neonyt, so it was such a pleasure to see her again. After our little coffee date we decided to go to Neonyt to see the opening fashion show.

Neonyt fashion show

The day at Neonyt started with the fashion show, where the new summer collection of 2020 was presented. What you could see, is a lot of denim, different shades of blue and color blocking.

I love denim and blue, so I was quite happy to see these new collections. The ones below were my favourite. You can check out all the looks here.


After the fashion show we attended the photoshoot for bloggers. Normally my boyfriend shoots all my pictures, so I was kind of shy to do this with a professional photographer. However, she was super kind and made me feel very comfortable. I’m happy with the photos.

Strolling at Neonyt

After the photoshoot there was plenty of time left to stroll around. This event is the perfect one to meet new designers and brands. I’ve updated the Good Brands Directory with all the brands I’ve met at Neonyt. You can find the full list here.

Vegan burgers

After a few hours of strolling, me and Lieve needed to eat. We decided to get some food outside Kraftwerk, so we could also get some fresh air. We ended up in a small burger restaurant, where we had vegan burgers and sweet potato fries. After the burgers, we also did a small shoot for Instagram 😉

Slow evening

After lunch and shooting, I was pretty exhausted of all the impressions, which made me decide to go home for a little power nap. This was a good decision, even though it felt disappointing to take a break. But hey, it’s good to set boundaries! After my power nap, my boyfriend also arrived at the hostel. We then decided to get some African food with a friend of mine. Overall, this evening was very slow 🙂

I enjoyed this day! If you want to read more about out fifth day in Berlin, then head over to the next blog & Berlin diary!


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