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Berlin Diary: Day 2

The holidays continue. Let me show you our slow Sunday in Berlin in this Berlin Diary!

Good coffee at ZAZZA

Kreuzberg, Berlin, 10.00

Our second day started very slowly. Even though we wanted to get up at eight, to have an early breakfast and then a slow stroll on the local flea market, we didn’t. We woke up pretty late, so by the time we arrived ZAZZA, a coffee roastery, it was already quite late. I love to go to local coffee roasteries in new places, because then you know the coffee will definitely be good. I’ve written about ZAZZA before in this post about Berlin.

Brunch at Viasko

Kreuzberg, Berlin, 11.00

This was a perfect way to start our slow Sunday. We booked a table at Viasko, a vegan restaurant in Kreuzberg. Every Saturday and Sunday, they serve a huge amount of vegan food at an all-you-can-eat brunch buffet. Well, you can image, how satisfied we were afterwards. He had scrambled tofu, spring rolls, humus, vegan sushi, salads and some cakes afterwards. Make sure to leave a reservation, as it is always very crowded in the weekends.

Flea market strolls

Kreuzberg, Berlin, 13.00

This Sunday it was extremely hot, almost 40 degrees, however, we still wanted to visit the flea market at the Marheineke Platz. I love this flea market, as it is pretty small and very cosy. I’ve found some great items there before: clothes and furniture. This time however, the market was twice as small as it normally is, due to the extreme weather. I didn’t find anything I liked so much to bring home, but I was able to make some cute photos.

Chilling at the hostel

Kreuzberg, Berlin, 14.00

We were melting with the 38 degrees, so we decided to stay at the hostel for a few hours. During this time, I wrote this blog post.

Vegan Pizzas

Neukölln, Berlin, 19.00

After a very long break, I was getting hungry again, so we went to a vegan pizzeria. It’s not a restaurant like any other, it is a collective, which means, there’s no chef and everyone is equal. They run the business without any hierarchy, which to me is very very good. The restaurant is called La Stella Nera and is located in the Neukölln area. We didn’t make a reservation, so we shared our table with another girl. This was so good, because it was the perfect way to meet new people and exchange interests. She made me even more sure to move to Berlin. Besides that, the pizza was also super delicious. I’ve never eaten a vegan pizza so good. We had a calzone with homemade vegan ricotta and a normal pizza with smoked chili tofu.

Hitting another 10.000 steps

Mitte, Berlin, 21.00

After dinner, we were so full, so we needed to walk through the city a bit, to digest our food. We took the metro to Berlin Alexanderplatz, from where we walked down all the way to Friedrichstraße. On our way, we saw the sun sinking down causing beautifully golden skies.

As you might have noticed, our Sunday was extremely slow and relaxing. This was a good second day. If you want to read more about our stay in Berlin, make sure to subscribe to the blog.


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