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What is this #whomademyclothes movement?

After Rana Plaza collapsed six years ago, our whole global community was in shock. The factory was labelled unsafe the day before, however, the bosses of the factory forced people to go inside and work, because they would have been fired otherwise. Almost 1200 people died in this horrific accident.

It has been six year since then, much has changed and improved, but we need to create more awareness. As we do now, it’s not sustainable and we cannot keep doing this. We cannot continue shopping for extremely cheaply produced clothes.

The Fashion Revolution is a response to that. We want more transparency and more information on where and under what conditions our clothes are made.

How I quit fast fashion

In 2018 I decided to quit fast fashion for good. I’ve watched the documentary The True Cost and I was shocked by how we treat humans, animals and our planet. No one wants to die for fashion. Yet, it still happens. And I don’t want to contribute to that. Check out all my reasons why I’ve quit fast fashion and why you should too here.

So what can you do?

First of all, online activism is extremely powerful. Even though you might think you cannot do anything alone, you really can. There are millions of people asking brands “who made my clothes”.

You can use this flyer which also can be found at the Fashion Revolution website. Show your label and ask brands: #whomademyclothes.

Secondly, you can also write them an e-mail. A template can be found here. When we all ask brands who made our clothes, when we all ask for transparency, we might be able to make a change. Fast fashion brands need to know we’re watching. And that they should be careful with their harmful practices.

So, which brand will you be asking: who made my clothes?


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