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Sustainable summer outfits

Because of the Fashion Revolution Week I’ll guide you through the world of fair fashion and online activism. It’s time to speak up and wear beautiful clothes that represent beauty in every aspect, also the story behind.

These temperatures ask for summer tops and flowy shorts. This Fashion Revolution Week asks for fairly produced clothes. So I thought: why not combine these two and show you how sexy sustainability can be?

Before I started this blog, I really thought fair trade fashion was the kind of clothing old people wear. The wide leg linen trousers in weird color combinations, like green and purple. But men, I was wrong. The Honest Department definitely showed me the opposite.

But then, what is the Honest Department? As they explain themselves:

Our mission is to bring you an alternative to fast-fashion that you can feel good in – and about. Here, you’ll find brands that have built environmentally friendly and socially ethical practices into their business model.

Honest Department

During the Fashion Revolution Week, millions of people ask brands #whomademyclothes. Fast fashion is exactly that what we don’t need in our world. That’s why I’m so happy that many ethical alternatives are making a rise.

Also theHonest Department is a reaction to that. Proving that ethical fashion isn’t hard to find, nor exclusively available at an exaggerated price tag, they sell amazing collections online. On their website you can find many gems from in different price ranges. The best thing is: you don’t have to feel bad about your purchase, because everything is made with love, for the garment, the garment workers and Mother Nature.

For this blog post I’ve styled three pieces for you: the Anna Blouse from Arkitaip, the Cascais Shorts by Sitting Pretty and the Giraffe Shirt by Sugarhill Brighton. I am 1.80m tall and usually wear a size small or medium.

Let me introduce you to my sustainable summer outfit ideas!

The ethical Anna

The first look I will present to you is “the ethical Anna”. This top is made from linen, a natural material which is very breathable and light to wear.

Material: The top is made of 100% white crisp linen. Linen is a sustainable material, because it’s compostable and doesn’t loose microplastics whilst washing. Linen is also easy to grow and harvest, which allows chemical free production.

The fit: This top is a long sleeve with a puff effect from the bottom half of the sleeve. The top closes with a single bow tie. It is very sexy and I wouldn’t wear it to my barista job, because you have to wear it without a bra. However, I LOVE this top. Do you know the Bianca blouse from Realisation Par? Well, this is the ethical, sustainable and high-quality version of it. And I know, because I tried both.

Sizing: I’m wearing a size small here, because I have no boobs. However, I could have sized up to a medium as it it relatively small at the shoulders for me. I recommend sticking to your own size, especially if you have bigger boobs.

How to wear: Wear this top with a high waisted jeans and some sandals to get a city vibe. Or wear this top with shorts and flip-flops to be ready for the beach.

Find the Anna blouse by Arkitaip here.

The Safari

You can’t do anything wrong with a good pair of shorts. Especially in a classical color like this khaki one.

Material: I hate plastic clothes. The cheap fast fashion version of these kind of shorts is most often made out of polyester. Polyester isn’t breathable, so it’s not functional for summer. These shorts from the Honest Department are from high quality and made out of rayon. This is a vegan friendly version of silk. The shorts are lightweight, breathable and therefore perfect for warmer days.

The fit: This is a high waisted model with a tie at the front. The shorts are a little flared, which flatters you at all the right places. The back is elastic, so you will have some room for dessert in these shorts ;).

Sizing: As I mentioned before, I am a little between sizes. I usually would have taken a size 38 for this kind of fit, however, it was sold out and I’ve picked a size 36. With no regrets. A size 38 might have been a little looser at the waist, which allowed me to wear it lower on the hips. But this isn’t needed. The legs are long enough, so also with wearing it higher in the waist, your butt won’t fall out.

How to wear: I’ve paired these shorts with a vintage safari-like blouse, leopard print loafers and a hat. But you can wear EVERYTHING with these kind of trousers. Khaki is a color that can be combined with almost all other colors.

Find the Cascais Shorts by Sitting Pretty here.

The Animal Print

In case you didn’t know, animal print is always a trend. So no need to think this blouse is a little extraordinary. You will be able to wear it forever and to many occasions.

Material: The blouse is made of 100% viscose. Viscose is a material made of wood, bamboo or cotton pulp. The fabric is very light and flowy, which makes it perfect for warmer days and suitable for layering.

The fit: The blouse is a button front with a little oversized fit. It has nice long sleeves and comes at a hip length, so you can tuck it into your jeans or trousers.

Sizing: I’ve chosen for a size 10 in this top, because I wanted to wear it a little loose. Also, I was scared the viscose was going to shrink in the washing machine, but this was not the case. That’s how you notice it’s great quality!

How to wear: This top is very versatile. I’ve worn this one on black trousers to an important meeting, but I’ve also worn it with jeans to my barista job. I can totally imagine myself wearing this blouse with the khaki shorts in summer. In winter I’d combine it with a sweater, so the giraffes peep out from under.

Find the Giraffe Shirt by Sugarhill Brighton here.

I am ready for a very slow and sustainable summer. What about you?

Shop the Honest Department here.